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  1. Author Michiel Hakvoort.
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  2. The format of XBF files found in Emperor. Not all parts of the XBF files have been decoded yet.
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  3. Explains how to do color washes with Paint Shop Pro. Similar to how the map editor explains Photoshop in their tutorial. By Zaphodbix.
    81 0
  4. A simple tutorial for those who wish to construct introductions for their Emperor mods.
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  5. A great help file for those of you wanting to know what the variables mean in the Rules.txt file.
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  6. Author Siberian GRemlin.
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  7. These documents list what files are stored in the Buildings XBF files.
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  8. A detailed guide on how to add new weapons to old and new units.
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  9. Part 1 of the 2 part set of INI editing concerning the Rules.txt file.
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  10. This text file simply points out the abilities in a rules file.
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  11. A detailed guide on how to add units.
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  12. A detailed guide on how to add and edit the special abilities of old and new units.
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