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  1. I'm definately interested in gettin' the program! I think others probably are too. Thanks
  2. Cool-- Looks like a great idea. For anyone using BlackViper's site and info,please try to donate. He's not a big tech company,just a guy working in retail who knows a lot and is willing to share. :)
  3. Thanks for the replies! I'm very fascinated by this idea,and will pursue it as time permits so one last question before I read the "how to" info. Realizing that game times can vary wildly,what is a ball park figure for an average game? I want to be sure to reserve enough time if I'm allowed to observe game play. Best...
  4. alchemi2 et al Am I gettin' the back story of what you're saying correct; That you can go online and just watch others play the game? THAT would be cool! Forgive me,but I've never been online and haven't read much about that yet.Just pluggin' away at the skirmish games.I'm very intimidated by online gaming,but I'll try it eventually.Meanwhile,observing online play would be a real treat. So anyway,if this is possible,can you point me to where I'll find instructions? Perhaps fill me in on whatever etiquette would apply? A lot of questions,I know. But Thanks! Regards...
  5. Hey All, So much cool Mod stuff goin' on is great! There's a discussion goin' on here: http://forum.dune2k.com/index.php?topic=20080.new;topicseen#new Where I'm lookin' for a ver 2 copy of Cyborg's PowerSwapper for quickly switching out Mods.All download links on this board are dead along with any I could find with Google.Cyborg is havin' trouble findin' his archived copy,and several members are also checking.No joy so far. So my question is,does anyone here on the Editing board have a copy stashed that you could share? All comments will be appreciated. Regards...
  6. Re-erjin999, Thanks for lookin' :) Voodoo Daddy, I'm sure I read about a version 2 here and other places. Following thread certainly implies there is more than one version: http://forum.dune2k.com/index.php?topic=16030.0 If you get the time to look around, Thanks! Mabe Cyborg will still find something. ~0/?
  7. Hey Cyborg Just checkin' to see how goes the quest. Any luck findin' PowerSwapper? Regards...
  8. Thanks,Cyborg! Really lookin' forward to tryin' PowerSwapper. Best...
  9. Thanks for your replies. I was at the thread you linked to,along with several others.Same result at all of them as far as dead dload links.Google found references on other forums,but those dload links were also dead. Tried emailing Cyborg at his Profile addy and that came back with a fatal error. I've PM'd him from this forum,so hopefully that will work and I'll hear from him. Hoping for the best...
  10. So I've been cruisin' for MOD info (LOTS available) and keep bumping into something called PowerSwapper.Sounds like a wonderful idea,but none of the links I've found get me to the program.Has anybody used this program and liked it? If yes,can you tell me how to get it? Thanks...
  11. WOW! That sounds way cool! Am looking forward to the release. One last question re: the 1.09 patch,please. Does it apply ok when you have multiple games saved? If not I'll probably wait till I clear them. Thanks!
  12. The key for my copy was on the printed insert located inside the back of the CD case. Did you apply the patch to either copy? If so,with what results. Your sig says: "Conflict of the Landsraad - 95% complete - release July 2007!" May I ask what this is,please?
  13. Just saying thanks again,and have another question re: the patch to ver. 1.09 . Can someone tell the main reason for the patch? E.G. Is it just some small fixes,or something major? Patches often have unintended consequences making some wish they had never applied them,so I'm wondering about this one. FYI: The game is hot on Ebay. Last 6 or so offerings went for $31-$44.Only about half of them had manuals.Two claimed to be brand new,in shrinkwrap.Gotta wonder if those are overseas copies. It happens. 0/!? Best to all,and thanks for any info.
  14. Thanks for the answers. The keyboard map sounds interesting. I searched for it here,but no joy. Probably won't be happy until I have an actual manual.Serves me right for buying a copy w/o one.Kinda thought there would be a manual included on one of the CDs. Guess I'll have to save up and buy another game off Ebay. Best to All!
  15. Hi All: Been messin' with EBFD for about a month now.It's my first RTS game,and it's wonderful. I've been a Dune fan for many years.Read them all,including the prequels. Got my game off Ebay without a manual,and I'm having trouble with gameplay. I've searched this and other sites for instructions,and read many walk throughs.Is there a detailed online manual available? I need something that will explain how some actions are taken.For instance,how do you order an advanced carryall to pick up/put down a unit. Thank You
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