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  1. Worms are weak against missles.Kill worms by using troopers! ;D
  2. Since you're using XP go to the Help and Support Center! ;D
  3. Maybe you bought pirated stuff!By original!
  4. When I tried to use the TibEd it says that I have a Program missing! :'( :'( :'( :'(
  5. The next story should be:The ordos leader(higher rank then the mentat)had bought a valuble ring.But he can't take it off! ;Dso he ask the Barron and the Duke for help!Then the Barron told the Duke:"the only way is to chop off his hand!"The Duke agree with him.Then the duke chop off the Ordos leader's hand and the ring was taken off! ;DThe ordos leader angry for losing his hand declar war on Atreides!then he found out that it was the barron's idea an want to kill him!The Barron and The Duke eventually became enemies! ;D
  6. To uninstall a MOD:uninstall your Dune 2000!the mod is deleted!Don't delete your save games!unless you save with your mod. :othen install again and the mod will disappear! ;D
  7. rAiDkiLLs method works because Death hands target a certain distance away from where you targeted!This is my experience! ;)
  8. Stealth units will be expose if they are near turrets or infanterys!Most saboteurs will get exposed by turrets then a Devastator/sonic tank will "boom"then you will hear unit lost!to destroy buildings using saboteurs:1)Don't ignore your saboteur!2)avoid all enemy units!3)once you deploy your saboteur don't waste time!
  9. I hope they will....... :-[
  10. But some don't want to cooperate! >:(
  11. Mentat_Li

    Dune 2000?

    It's true even Red Alert is still one of the TOP hundred most search for on the web!
  12. Why waste money on a guild book?ask me!sent me a E-mail and that's it! ;D
  13. But deviators can be killed by a Death hand! ;DIs it funny?
  14. Games are games,stories are stories!the book has nothing to do with the game!I don't know why people are talking about the book! >:( >:( >:( >:(
  15. When I play as Harkonnen I always try to capture an Atreides Constrution Yard so that I can get air strikes. ;DDeath Hands are inaccurate but even though you miss it can inflict great damage on the enemy buildings!Next sent in an air strike to finish it off! ;D
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