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  1. I tried it a couple of times to help out a newb, but i dont do this much nowadays. I normally get a respond like "I dont care i dont play this game to win". But when a noob axx me for help ill start a skirmish with him and show him all iv learned. No problem there, we were all noobs at one time, although i didnt get any help whatsoever i just played the best scouted them (without actually building up my base) and just watched what they did, and changed that in to the style which suits me the best.
  2. ok here are the stats: krazyorse vs. elchkopf Game Duration: 12 minutes krazyorse's point change: +16 elchkopf's point change: -16 elchkopf Result: Lost Points: 254 Record: 10/3/0 Side: Atreides Units Killed/Bought/Left: 59/98/0 Buildings Killed/Bought/Left: 0/17/0 Infantry Killed/Bought/Left: 16/25/0 Planes Killed/Bought/Left: 16/31/0 Saw Completion: No <--------------------------- IP: 244.200.12X.XXX krazyorse [demons that came from earth !!!] Result: Won Points: 475 Record: 27/2/0 Side: Atreides Units Killed/Bought/Left: 28/122/63 Buildings Killed/Bought/Left: 0/18/18 Infantry Killed/Bought/Left: 1/25/8 Planes Killed/Bought/Left: 13/36/20 Saw Completion: Yes IP: 148.2.18X.XXX and the link: http://westwood.ea.com/westwoodonline/tournaments/emperor/heroes.html
  3. ohhhhhkee ww's down, i was wondering where my points went.
  4. Ok... Did I miss something here? I was under the impression that guns wasn't cable. At least that's what I was told. Well if you look at gunwounds signature you can see hes cable as well. :P
  5. the ladders will be next probably. :'(
  6. True, forgot about that only thing that sux is the cheating. but still from what i hear cheating in other games (ie renegade) is much worse then in emp, cuz as far as i know you cant use trainers (out of sync).
  7. I agree with ace, i have been playing this game for long (dunno how long) but i really dont think it needs patching this game is just fine as it is. A few little bugs but that comes with every game, and the only one that really hates it is nav, so fuck that. Emp is a great game just leave it as it is.
  8. No shit, i witnessed this firs hand, about 3 months ago i was hark and he atr and he rushed me i was quite suprised and took the loss with a smile.
  9. What i had when i played bilbo (svmsung6) i killed him early in the game but he knew he was gonna get the win as soon as the adsl cutted him off.He was just counting down until his adsl disconnects him, and well i lost.
  10. And they never go for my base, cuz as soon as i see a palace i start placing turrets everywhere. So they go for my front line of defence which consists of units, or if that dont work theyll try my harvs. Now i know that guild can be countered, but the thing is is like ace said in another thread. Im playing his game now, he makes guild and i have to build certain units to defend from the guild. And during this he can start making another strat, while im busy defending from guild.
  11. Dude have you played online??? Guild outruns the fed blast easily. And marcel i tried your strat aswell it works ok, but then he will bring fremen snipes and pick off the aa 1 by 1. Or he will just hit an run the aa troops, and the aa troops fire to slow to hit the tank, when he immediatly retreats.
  12. Hahhahah, i must have build around 8 refs or so. ;D Never had a game like that, was real fun
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