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  1. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO brenqqounet!!!!!!!!! i m happy to see u again!!!! i ll try to play again....i need trainning ..a lot of trainning.. i'm sure u ll give me that :) :) like in the good old time ;) i still have some screen shot , the time when i kick ur ass :) i ll send u them..don't worry my friend :)
  2. i'm Krazyorse there's no krazyhorse , cause i've the same login like on WOL and u ve only 9 letters..... that's why no "h" in my name.. and yeah i was banned a long time ago...but gob stop banned me. and i don't know what that could interest u... tell to gob he knows him.. i'm not here to justify myself i just want to play, u say that there's noone who play emperor and when someone come u attack him....so....i let u thinking of that ... Ps: je ne parles pas tres bien anglais du tout... j'ai juste quelques notions a force de jouer en ligne. if u want i could speak french a lot ? no ??
  3. thx Bryorama.... but i m really rusty ! lol really really really rusty.....
  4. Can i believe my eyes ?? it's seems that some people still play emperor ??? i see that u ve a ladder...my english is so bad that i can't understand all that u say.... but if i can play again , i'm here :) HEY BRENNQOUNET T'ES TOUJOURS AUSSI BON ??? explain me what i ve to do to play ... plz ... SEE U KRAZYORSE
  5. id clan gameid ip 197 ipmano [independent players] 93507693 151.182.18X.XXX 255 slade747 [system first] 93385833 151.182.18X.XXX 256 ipmano [independent players] 93385833 151.182.18X.XXX 257 ipmano [independent players] 93378393 151.182.18X.XXX 258 casey2108 [rad] 93378393 151.182.18X.XXX 174 ipmano [independent players] 93411008 151.182.18X.XXX 260 ipmano [independent players] 93377607 151.182.18X.XXX 261 ipmano [independent players] 93195789 151.182.18X.XXX 320 casey2108 [rad] 93382927 151.182.18X.XXX do u see the end of the address?? it could be or or ...................... u know what is an IP address?? the xxxxx means nothing........
  6. i play since a long time with brennq.. now i play a lot of skirmish with him or vs him and i can say we kick a lot of ass! ;D he is a really good hark player , fair and a really good mate! he don't need to cheat..lol...he kicks the ass of most of emperor players!! when he lost , he lost! doesn't need escuse... he could have done multinick, i understand him...when u can't play a qm cause most of the players are scared...u ve to change .....i don't call that cheating, in qm! in bc ok! but not in qm.....
  7. who could accuse brennq of cheating??? who spend his time to look all the games' stats?? who could talking about interesting things about emperor instead of post stupid message in this forum?? most of the players don't know how really works a network!! how westwood obtain the IP address of the players... i've some time the addres 0.0.0.xxx too!! we know who cheat! so don't look too much the stats ! now i can't play qm , i always have wash games..... and my computer freeze everytime! i try to play qm this month and i freeze vs JAIRA...so i dc! so i'm a cheater?? i freeze at the beginning of the game, noone has the advantage! but the game don't count...ouff (for him i mean!) everyone could have pb with his connexion! or his computer! the IP address that westwood show i ve is not the same of my provider!!!!for example! u could sniff the ip address u ll know nothing!! so don't spend ur time.. and stop accusing everybody of cheating, cause u 've find a freeware who seems to sniff ip address.!! the only thing u ll do it's that the man ll say: "u think i'm a cheater?? OK! now u ll say that for something!" i m not a guy who ve i 've used to say stupid things and i'm not use to "baisser ma culotte" u ll translate if u want , IPMANO is a friend and he told me he's not cheat , i believe him!!so u think what u want! perhaps some IP players have cheated i don't know all the IP players , but thos who i know don't do it! and another thing... i was victim by a lot of dc cheating, duking etc etc etc when i play qm or bc and since i can't play ranking games..i play only skirmish i've NO PB!!! Some dc happened but rarely...and when they happened they are never when u are in the opposite base with 4 minos!! STRANGE??? NO??? see u
  8. the ip address is with 1 computer. u could play with 30 nicks on the same cmputer the 30 nicks will have the same ip! and as most of the ip addres of the plyers are dynamic a dhcp srv give address for a short time (i mean 1 week , 2 week .....depend of how many time the administrator allow it) and they are change after this time. so it could be possible , but very extraordinary that a player has the older address of another player... that's why. but u could have a lot of ip addres differents in a month!if there is a lot of DHCP srv and like it's the speedest srv who respond.... sorry for english...i could not find all my words... ciao
  9. lol no my friend no.... i play with 2 or 3 comps on-line .............
  10. the address means nothing... all depend where u are, how many gateways and routers u ve to left , how many firewalls etc etc etc... most of the guys (99%) on internet have dynamic address give by their ISP they are never on the same dhcp server during a long time.if one time they ve had a dyn ip from a server who is more securate (with no ICMP request etc etc) westwood could not have the right to obtain the ip address of one of their members. this is just one explication , it could ve more and more. and for the same address ip, it just need 2 comp in the same LAN trough a NAT router and u ve the same IP addres on the 2 comp, i can show when u want :)
  11. sure u are Marcel!!sure...... after me ::)) it's a joke my friend , a joke..... see u
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