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  1. It would have a lot of gore and it would be cool to see wat ermius does to his slaves
  2. Well if they wnated a 3rd side y didn't they just use House Corrino?
  3. Everyone should really check out this site its nice and can get even better if you join and start postin so tell a friend http://pub55.ezboard.com/bemperorcommunity
  4. sorry bout the adress vig so its http://pub55.ezboard.com/bemperorcommunity
  5. Hey evryone this is a new board site made and monitored by vigilent http://pub55.ezboard.com/femperorcommunityfrm13
  6. Hey everone, check out vigilents new board site http://pub55.ezboard.com/bemperorcommunity.localUser?action=logout&rand=0&language=EN just check it out and register and start posting, and if you could share the site with all your friends ;)
  7. I can see the headlines now, EA Games turnsover all Emporerliabilities and trademarks to various amounts of young adults/teens/creepy old guys, but hey it could happen right? ::)
  8. If you wnat a really cool RTS get Dragon Throne Battle For Red Cliffs, its sweet, and all the people speak chinese and the interface is like blizards
  9. i never really thought about it that way :-,i am not blind anymore i see the light, but anyway what you posted is mostly true gunwounds, but still woudl ti be too much too ask for a patch?
  10. i play (all my names have a bus in it)
  11. Emporer is the best RTS out there or atleast till C&C Gernerals but still, i mean they give so much crap to like tiberan sun or Red Alert 2 but ignore Emporer. people these days
  12. I don't know why westwood just abandoened Emporer, i mean if it was for bad sales blame their marketing,(which sucked emensly) but they should aleast consider to make a new patch or expansion pack.
  13. i personally prefer the ix over guild because of the projector tank ;D
  14. you also have to consider though that the fedaykin has a greater ROF and does more damage at closer range
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