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  1. Heh....how to get GBA GAMES FREE...Roms!It allows you to play them on your computer just by downloading roms!You need a special program to play them.(please it is illegal unless you have the original.)
  2. I know it's funny.Heh.......if you want the game E-mail me.How do you get that game for free told you send me an IM or E-mail.Heh.....I think some of you know what I'm Talking about Heh...
  3. [attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  4. The same thing is happening now!In china,the local work very hard but westerners or chinese from other countries steal all the credit.It happens usually in Large companies of any country.It is better being your own boss. >:( >:(
  5. I think most of you know that new games are expensive and old games are almost free(it means cheap)I bought my dune2000 in 2000 september 5th for (H.K)$40.00(~us$2.40). ;D ;D ;D ;D
  6. Have you tried searching for them in search engines?(e.g:www.yahoo.com)
  7. I completed the whole harkonen campaign in an hour non-stop but still I save.How?using a editor I made my devastator into gods.
  8. i can get the normal game for that much here in a game pack for .75! The one you saw must have been fake.Mine is original.
  9. I don't think anyone will be so stupid to play dune2000 non-stop without saving.Even if you download the save games,it is hard to defeat the emperor and atredies.
  10. I don't mind if you call me stupid.How did you use Wordpad to edit?
  11. I think O.R.B is better.The graphics are good.And it has more explosive force.
  12. I suggest that you put a link to a site that has infomation on both games.
  13. With a editor you can make a light infantery into god-like soldiers.Or it can raise the difficulty to ultra intensive.Editors(e.g:tibed)cheating machines or ultra intensive setters?
  14. death angel

    Dune 2000?

    Wsetwood should have made a new game.At least make CnC:dune.(cnc:dune is just a joke)
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