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  1. im dutch, but i wasnt fighting there, nor do i care those boers lost :P
  2. believe me, you can use Jesus too :)
  3. i understood that the bene gesserit witch kills you with the gom habbar. because if you fail you are an animal like the harkonnen and thus dangerous to human cind. especially if you can look in the future etc.
  4. I was trying to translate the afrikaans into dutch, but i cant completely.
  5. jij bent niet een ? kan het niet verstaan zo.
  6. William of orange was actually a dutch guy and he shared the thrown with his english wife. the present dutch royals are still called house of orange. but i dont see what it has to do with a bible other than that william of orange was a protestant, one of the first. btw is mars still alive?
  7. niels


    I think teletubbies are actually martians trying to take over the world!!! *hips*
  8. niels


    Three countries have arrived. There is no set territory, no rules of engagement. The country that will control the cheese will control the universe. ;D
  9. niels


    Run!!! before we start bombing with cheese! holland is tiny no need to fear. #$234 Encryption==== How is the nuke doing? #$@#4234 end of encryption0000
  10. niels

    space wars

    Yup i used glsetup for my banshee and i have 100 fps.
  11. niels


    THUFIR if you dont silence now. well have to *take care of you* :P
  12. niels

    space wars

    And you can make money out of it. If it works online and gets a bit popular. You can put it on a page where people get all the news and latest updates and you can make money out of it with the banners.
  13. niels

    space wars

    Hey mars, nice game. Now all it needs is sound and an internet server :P I imagine 4 player games. Cooler weapens etc. Only that zooming camera can be quite irritating.
  14. I say cut. It doesnt belong in a computer game which is played by lots of 12 yr olds. Plus it doesnt add anything extra to the game. You can also make the harkonnen look terrible on another way. The mentat in dune2k was pretty good. Just let them say stuff as: ah yes... so you lost the mission... Do you really wanto live the rest of life in a pain emplifier? MUAHAHAHAA. or something :P In dune2k it was pretty obvious the harkonnen are brutal. Just think of the movie you got to see when you selected the harkonnen. No humanity remains in the harkonnen. Or the opening movie: The evil harkonnen.. should i go on? Anyway. Games are entertainment because they are cool to play. Sex/violence doesnt add anything. There is plenty of that in the movie shop. So is say cut. Or westwood is pretty low in my opinion. And the game would get a 16 + rating in my country. So half of the buyer potential wont get the game.
  15. If its a good game. all units will be weak against a certain other unit. The sonic tank still sounds best to me though
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