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  1. Erm heres the ticking off part.......... Carryalls DO NOT pick up infected units ;D
  2. well..... faster on land but on sand...... ever tried urunning on sand? you know what happens... now make yourself 10000x heavier you won't be able to move in sand..... in Mechwarrior the mechs use legs because a Tank which weighs the same weight can't move as fast on tracks/wheels a M1A2 Abraham tank weighs more than 70tons
  3. nah we need Timber Wolves for that ;D dual PPCs would put a hole in any unit
  4. hhhhhmmmmmmm sounds more like a tank..... MechCommader is an RTS game
  5. hey don't we have a message thread for this ?? > Good Or Evil.... wait thats closed I move that we close this too
  6. i think they hould give mechs speed bonuses when not on sand and when on sand they have a chance on getting stuck in knee deep sand
  7. oh ok ok after this we stop posting ok?
  8. erm... i think the BIG nuke Explosion would vapourise you
  9. Erm......... how about the Guild will bring periodic reinforcements
  10. lol yeah and syop using anocryms (Gez I'm a hypocrit too i can't spell that) ;D
  11. Erm.... My MP5 weilding skills can take down your Benelli
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