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  1. How do you stop the Screen tearing when scrolling around the map.? Tried to force Vsync then Triple Buffering but it is still there. Is there any way to force VSync and/or triple buffering in DirectDraw games
  2. Why does OpenRA feel like it's running at 10fps when playing either of the mods
  3. Waiting for off line single player.. Evolution RTS is also out on steam http://store.steampowered.com/news/12889/
  4. arkon

    Rise of Nations

    Rise of Nations: Extended Edition out now on steam for those who don't know
  5. arkon

    Skirmish Mission

    I cant win even on easy :(
  6. Perhaps make the 2nd a tiny bit more easy and the last one harder but either way is fine.
  7. Mission 2 is quite a challenge...haven't noticed any bugs yet
  8. So i reinstalled everything and it all works now.. i think the hires patch option messed something up
  9. Weird it's not showing up for me in the mission select menu, even with the Combined Update but the Rise of the Mercenaries does show. Something must be messed up with my install
  10. How do you start survival mode.? i just updated to
  11. Liking the new Grunt mods with the hires patch also made a new steam banner http://postimg.org/image/uf7u5hos5/
  12. A better looking Steam grid view banner a made up http://postimg.org/image/uf7u5hos5/
  13. Just add it as a non steam game and use a D2K steam banner.? it's probably the closest thing to actually being on steam that we are going to get. Only problem is i cant find any good Steam grid view banners, Just a crappy one i made in the link below http://s16.postimg.org/oys2o3i39/dune.jpg
  14. I am using Gruntlords Dune 2000 with the high resolution patch atm seems to be running fine just the videos in game are stuck to the left but i am pretty sure that has been mentioned on here before. Any chance somebody could make a nice looking steam grid view banner for D2K.?
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