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  1. Thanks, jeffryfisher. I smiled at your reply to #3. I'm the same way, although sometimes the map is difficult enough that getting (for example) five loads of gravel delivered in a single year is tough (maybe if I get myself into the 20th C!). I should have asked: I've been telling the strikers to pound sand (so to speak) but haven't gone far enough into the scenario yet due to my other failures to find out if that's a bad plan. I figure giving in is going to simply yield more strikes, but then, I second-guess myself. One of these days, I'm going to start doing a map, as I intended to
  2. Can't believe it's been four months since my last post. I thought I knew RRT2 well, and maybe I did compared to most players, but I know it better much now than four months ago. Thanks to those who helped. Now the new questions... 🙁 1) When I played this map the first time, I saw townhouses when cities grew (I never saw them in any previous game). I replaced the .EXE after I last posted on this thread and played this map again--and this time I am not even sure cities are growing, but there are certainly no townhouses. (I have seen towns go from not wanting anything other than goods
  3. Do your differently named stations, e.g. XXX Junction as opposed to XXX, cover fewer houses than the generically named stations? (Just checking that I read you right.) I do know that if I have two stations covering the same space, both stations lose passengers (works the same for mail) when I send them on a train, unless one station covers a house that the other does not, and then the passenger may remain. For example, I currently have a "Chicago" and "Chicago Junction" station in the US History map. Chicago has one house that Chicago Junction does not. If I ship passengers or mail from C
  4. Oops... Just saw this. I have been playing the unpatched Platinum CD version. That could make a difference in what shows below. As I wrote yesterday, but messed up in posting: More details on my previous post. The year 1899 saw a strike (the third and I rode it out), so my salary was cut commensurate with declining revenue and profits (expected). Dividends set at 0.00 (i.e., none at all). My personal cash went from 1,355,820K in 1/1899 to 1,383,358K in 1/1900. That's a 27,538K increase with no dividends. Interest received in the company was slightly north of 16,000K (which sh
  5. I have finished 1898. I have more than $1.3B in cash. I stopped the dividends so as not to create an overflow, but my cash is increasing by more than $1M per year. What am I missing? Wealth tax? Was that a mechanism to overcome the lack of corporate income-taxes in the game? In any case, I own my railroad outright and have effectively neutered my AI opponents. But what lies ahead? It was depressing playing through a three-to-four year depression (though I loved the interest payments), so I am hardly looking forward to the Great Depression (my dad telling me about it growing up was
  6. Do you mean, for example, trying to build a track through the Sierra Nevadas? Those trains never get anywhere in my world, and are ludicrous to run.
  7. I've had mixed experiences with what you describe (I usually play on 100+% difficulty). I think it may have to do with where the lumber is shipped, meaning if you sell it at stations with a 5+ demand, your lumber company will make more money. That said, other industries, especially food, seem to do well no matter how low the demand for (in this example) food goes in target cities. Maybe not always to "gushing cash" status forever, but certainly lucrative-to-very-lucrative levels.
  8. Re: the US History map: it is in fact epic. Play it. I have been playing it since downloading several weeks ago, and am only up to 1890.
  9. kill723, I mentioned hex editors only in the context that I could follow directions in using one to change something. As for what I had hoped might be possible, I wanted to add buildings and other resources for an agribusiness map I've contemplated. I have also wondered about such things as changing the passage of time (so that a map/scenario might have more playing time in a limited historical interval). Both of these things can be done in the Civ games (I still play Civ III, mostly because I love the isometric view, odd though that may sound) and since Sid Meier is the brain behind both,
  10. Sad. Truly sad. But thanks for your quick reply, Silverback. I checked the mod links prior to posting but saw less than I had hoped for (hence the opening of this thread). I also saw jeffryfisher's threads and will study those closely--if nothing else, I can play a patched-beyond-the-publisher's-support version of the game. Still trying to get my head around the port-fixing thread, though... At least I recall how to use a hex-editor, though. I think... 🙂
  11. Greetings. Borrowing from Dr. Johnny Fever, "Is anybody out there?" Yes, I know that gives away my age (and then some). Historian and former code-grinder (meaning I got paid for/made a living doing them both), but my tech skills have shriveled. I blundered onto this site and was pleased to find recent postings, having played the game for twenty years (albeit in addition to some others as well). Yesterday, I replied to a multi-player thread as a guest. Will that show up eventually, or do I have to repeat it now that I have an account on this forum? I plan to create a map (whi
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