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  1. Thank you. That's enabled me to play around with the scenario a little more, and attempt to get it a little more to my liking. (It's not as much fun in When the Walls Come Down, if all three other players build their railroads in Poland, and that keeps happening to me again and again.)
  2. OK, I'm trying to tweak a couple of things that annoy me in a map (not yours, Jeffrey, haven't found my platinum disk yet), but I can't figure out how to do some things. Obviously there must be some way to set up a computer company, but I can't figure out how. There seems to be no way to modify an existing computer company, and no way to have a computer player start a new company. It seems, even in the editor, the only thing you can effect is Player 0. So how do I edit or modify the other players or their companies?
  3. OK, so this can't be used with the Steam version ... but I think I know exactly where my platinum disc is, so I can just install that, as well, and have both steam and regular (modded for these updates) at the same time. Now the question is ... what other updates should I track down to try and fit in at the same time? (Port fixes for all the campaign scenarios, other fixes for all the broken things in the campaigns, etc, do I need any patches (1.56 was it?) or are they built in to your exe?) This stuff is fun, but also kind of complimacated. I hope to get around to actually trying this map, sounds like a major labor of love!
  4. OK, I managed to fix this one. They were checking the event at the beginning of each month, which meant you would not see the correct manager until the start of the second month, because the month has already begun when you get around to starting your company. So I switched the time check to when a new company is started ... and voila, now I get the proper manager. I also changed the order of the trigger formula, since in an earlier scenario where it worked correctly, it was in the opposite order, and while it shouldn't have made a difference, I didn't know if it actually did. (ie CampaignChoice1To3=1 and GameYear>=1853 instead of GameYear>=1853 and CampaignChoice1To3=1) Hey, I don't know what might affect these things, I just look for differences between what worked and what didn't.
  5. So I'm back doing my every two years or so "Let's play through RRT2 again" run-through, and am coming across a bit of a problem on this campaign. I've never noticed it before, so I don't know if it is a recent corruption, or a long-existing problem (don't remember noticing it in the past), but when I select the campaign option for Robert Gerwig and +10% speed, it doesn't give me Robert Gerwig as the manager. (It gives me Trethvik, instead.) Can anyone else verify ... is this actually a game bug, or has something gotten corrupt in my files? Understand, I love this game, shown in the fact that I end up playing through it again every couple of years, but man, there sure seemed to be a lot of bugs in the campaign scenarios! And I have seen that at least one person posted a corrected scenario, but the corrections they mention do not include the manager issue.
  6. OK, so it is only a long-term thing which is probably going to lose you money (at least short term) in the process. I think I will go back to not worrying about it. Was fun to give it a try for one scenario, though.
  7. The last scenario I played, along with making money and building up a monster network of trains and cities, I also chose one town to perform a bit of a test on. I took this one town, nicely located near everything it was asking for, and kept it fully supplied with passengers, mail, lumber, milk, food, goods, and produce ... everything it asked for. I had it's demand for everything at 0, and also hauled away to other cities all the things it produced (only passengers and mail). I did this for ten years, and it never gained a single house or industry or anything in the area. Kind of makes me wonder if there is actually any hope of trying to grow a city at all. Anyone else ever run into a problem of not being able to get anywhere to grow, even if you supply every demand?
  8. I'm working my way through the entire campaign on the medium level, then I'll turn around and do it on hard ... while checking to see what badly coded events I can fix in the process. ;-)
  9. I load RRT2 up every couple of years, usually, and start playing through it again. In the past, I usually played through about scenario 10 in the campaign, then felt I had had enough for another couple of years. This most recent time through is the first time I have played through the entire campaign, and now have gone through scenarios 1-10 a second time at the intermediate level. The odd thing is, this time around I have been in massive speed mode ... the question of replacing trains has not come up this time around, because I keep finishing every scenario in 5-10 years. (I now complete the first scenario in 2-3 years.) I think the longest scenario for me (of the ones I have done many times) is Knitting with Iron. It may take me an entrie 10 years to manage to earn enough money to buy the required access to Bavaria. But the last time through, even it may have only taken me about 7 years. But I used to consider replacing some of the weaker, earlier trains about every 5 years if breakdown chances were getting too high, or a much better engine came along.
  10. I don't know why, but I cannot get this to work for me. I have tried several times. Following the steps listed in the first post as the first, simplest way of going about things, I can get a bond issued, then buy back all stocks in the company, driving it down to around $6 for stock value. I can then buy 'all' the stock in my company and own it outright, and have $500 to build a small pair of stations and get a weak route running. The problem is, though I might get one or two trains of passengers moved, when the year ends, my stock is valued at $40 or $50, tops. I have no money to expand with, my company is a bond in the hole, and no stock split. It's nice to own all the stock, without having to margin myself out the wazoo, but it leaves the company in too deep of a hole. For some reason, this just doesn't seem to work for me.
  11. Wow ... you aren't kidding, a lot of the events are coded wrong! I managed to fix it to keep them out of France and Constantinople, though I may not have done it absolutely correctly. I moved the territory number to the box, then removed the second half of the trigger condition, so it just checks if it is 1850 or later. It is, and none of the companies can start in France. I cannot verify if they gain the rights to France after 5 years, because the AIs build so slowly during that scenario, they never get near France, anyway. (In 40 years, the most cities any of them expanded to were 5.) Also removed the one time only check box, of course. Anyway, that part seems to work. But there is another event in there ... you are supposed to be rewarded with a little announcement and a 5% improvement in good will each year, if you hauled the most loads. The problem is, they used the same variable in two different events ... so the only year it is *possible* to be awarded for this is the very first year. After that, the variable is rewritten. I have not yet figured out how to fix this one, but I am working on it. And just think ... this scenario was *already* fixed ... and it still has these problems. 8-D Again, thank you for the info that allowed me to fix that problem!
  12. Thank you ... that gives me some things I can try to tweak, to see if I can get these working right. So they are supposed to be blocked for five years, by the thing being set for temporary ... was that part at least set up correctly? With the input you've provided, so I'm not just completely cluelessly poking around, I'll get to work on it. Thanks!
  13. Hi, all, I'm new here, but have been playing RRT2 on and off for well over a decade. It's one of the games I come back to every couple of years for a few months. Have been playing through the campaign at one of the more difficult levels, and have run ino an issue. The AIs keep starting their companies in France. If it were just one of them, I would not mind so much, but four railroads trying to run in the same country, when there's this huge map with multiple other countries they could get their starts in seems kind of silly and unfair. I decided to poke around in the editor, and try to see how difficult it might be to set it up so the AIs stayed out of France. At this point I have to guess it is pretty difficult, since there already seems to be code in the scenario forbidding the AIs from building in France or in Constantinople ... it just doesn't seem to work. I can't remember if I had this problem in the past or not, so I can't say for sure if this code was always there, but never worked properly, or if maybe something was glitched when Steam adapted it for their site (since this is the first time I ever played it from Steam, rather than from a disc) but the AIs are supposed to avoid Paris and France, and Constantinople and the country it is in for the first five years of the game. If there is anybody still around here that knows the editor well (and it certainly looks like there is a good chance, reading the posts) would you consider going in and checking out the coding for these events, to see if you see anything wrong? I'm not advanced enough with the editor to figure out what might be incorrect. Thanks for anyone willing to poke around!
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