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  1. LoL, hey its still the holidays, Im still drinkin, sober enough to have fun....I'm quite pleased with the map, maybe will add more towns when I've studied the Atlas more....(I LOVE Geography & History too)...and I'm good at both ;)
  2. Ok, As the title says S America 1832. I've taken the base map, and made it more sensible. Everything is adjusted for an 1832 economic start, the Gold Win is Extremely tough. I've adjusted a lot on the map, especially producing viable mountain passes, and remodelling industry, but expect things to be hilly,,, Industry actually exists now, and doesn't necessitate a sheer drop down to the coast. It's a V1.0 of the map, only the basic win conditions, no visible events, robbers added and well, you might get annoyed with them.. Tips:- Rio to Sao Paulo now has a pass that roughly follows the real lif
  3. While this would seem logical, experience tells me it's not the case. In extreme micromanagement games (e.g. finger permanently above pause, every time a bell rings, stop the game, and check what the train needs to pick up), after a few runs, I've had perfect balance on many routes. For example, a train is scheduled to pick up 2 pax from a station, and when I pause the game on train arrival, that's time and time again exactly what is there. No more no less.This is despite the odd crash and robbery (and of course relies on an economy staying at the same lvl for a while, and the train in questi
  4. Good points...that vaguely crossed my mind, but I thought they might become a little too useful....maybe not....I shall peruse the matter more while doing grocery shopping in a moment (and hopefully not forget items as my mind is on gaming matters as usual) :D
  5. Nice work!A few comments:- 1) That sounds just about right. 2) Yes the buildings actually have the effect of making the cargo hang around longer. An early Post Office is a must, as it in effect gives you 50% more post to deliver...and since Post tends to arrive in stations not steadily but in clumps, there's a good reason for dedicated mail trains...(mail also pays better than anything else) 3 & 4) Yes. The game calls this a ROT factor (it's in the strat guide appendix). The formula depends on economy model, economy lvl, cargo type, demand lvl, distance, ROT factor. There may be other vari
  6. Here's an idea I've used on several maps, for example a `tweaked version` of the Midwest map, starting in 1830, where I've altered population to a more realistic lvl, and there are hubs like Chicago and Detroit far apart(albeit small hubs at that time), with fledgling villages with great potential in between. To help the `villages` grow, I supply a limited passanger and mail service. Lets say we have villages a-b-c-d-then Chicago. Chicago is the only one to actually accept pax and mail. So start a train at a) red light -one pax car. Move on to b) yellow flag , yellow light, add another pax car
  7. Thanks for all the info Jeff :) I thought about using the event manager, but since I don't have any defined goals on that map, will probably leave significant `eventing` to my next map , when I've researched the possibilities more further- that was my first effort with RRt2 after all..
  8. I've never seen an ai sell anything that they've bought. For instance, on one of the Japan maps, there was an area with 4 granaries close together, one of which I was servicing very well early on. The ai beat me to buying it, so I shut down services completely, and moved on to the next granary which I bought. 50 yrs later, the ai still owned it, even though it hadn't had a service for 50 yrs...
  9. Pretty sure that it does. I've bought e.g. a Distillery when it was the only sensibly placed one on the map, then changed my priorities, and not serviced it until decades later (forgot to sell it ), but it never disappeared. This was because one had popped up before, but with an intermittent service, it annoyingly disappeared, just as I had the chance to make it lucrative and buy it So I'd have to say, once bought by anyone, an industry stays for good.
  10. Well in the early days, everything has pretty terrible acceleration. I'm sure you've noticed how much the trains slow down when they make almost any kind of turn. By keeping the routes straighter, but maybe a bit further, the trains do tend to get there quicker. They also get up to a good speed more quickly on a straight stretch. I of course try to keep all gradients `green`, but you'll notice that on a long straight, where a train has already got a up head of steam, a smallish portion of 2 -2.5% won't slow it down much (unless it's overloaded in the first place). I personally aim for everythi
  11. You can lower grades by laying small chunks of track at 45 degrees to the main line, then delete them, but it's a pain to do. While the main Australia map is slightly more accurate (in some aspects) topographically than mine (in the main, the Blue Mts West of Sydney are further away on my map than in reality, this is done to stop virtually unclimbable grades, that don't really exist irl), I refined a lot of terrain, and slightly adapted some for gameplay's sake. Thanks for the tip!, I've corrected that, and also spelled `Rawlinna` correctly this time ??? No worries 8) , Glad you enjoyed it.
  12. Glad you had another go :)I'll be pleased to have a look at your game, but maybe tomorrow, as too much Christmas Spirit yesterday (literally) is probably going to confine me to the sofa today ;) Oh, And Merry Christmas to all ~!
  13. Wrong thread me thinks ;) , but nevermind. I had a look at your .ods file, excellent source of information.Unfortunately, I too bought the game online off steam, and have therefore no CD. (I've bought several games off steam e.g. Napoleon TW, Empire TW- many new games even have its as a mandatory requirement e.g. Napoleon TW, Civ V) Your right in that it replaces a CD with a connection requirement (well not exactly, it calls a steam game ID to launch the game you want to play-I'm not exactly sure of the process, never really investigated it ), but anyways, the shortfall of this, is that I have
  14. Thanks for the feedback :)I was playing the map last night, and by 1875, I'd grown 2 villages to towns (the key- giving you more places to deliver food/goods/pax/mail too) and am steadily progressing Eastwards with a good profit. I'd set up the ports to be especially useful, so the random roll up of the map is quite influencial on how tough the game is; having a port pop up in the first 20 yrs is a godsend. I'd also bankrupted 3 of my 4 ai opponents :D (love doing this). I still fail about 50% of the time on this map though, but i like it to be tough.(On expert settings btw)
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