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    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2001-10-29 Players » Three Map Size » n/a Additional Info » Alone in the middle of a barren desert, three tribes fight for control of the Escarpment. Who will win? This map represents more of a real Dune environment, with large expanses of sand broken up by jutting rock formations. Control of pinch points is a necessity; and each are relatively easily defended. Note: I *was* working on a colourwash, but then when almost done I discovered Photoshop LE doesn't allow editing/adding of individual channels, so I couldn't use Alpha 1 :( I am currently looking to see what
  2. Contaminator *always* has been the worst Best unit I would say the Minotaur, once you have at least four or five, else they die fast due to low reload rate
  3. I would agree with Nema, I see a pattern of research-and-refine going on with Westwood's after it was bought out by Electronic Arts.
  4. Thalassicus


    Westwood never puts in cheats, and all the debug codes are removed before shipping. The're very adament about that ;)
  5. Something else helpful is to download a freeware program called "Cacheman" it configures the handling of your system's cache for a 3D game or whatever else you want; it'll speed up Emperor enough on some systems to jump up a few of the detail levels ;) Also I just got WinXP sped it up even more; now I can run Emperor with full detail everything (except 32-bit color) 8) Alam Al-Mithal
  6. Ah I found it: deformed rock renders it's slopes in a field parallel to the line y=-x in the editor, ie all the slopes will slope up or down to the top-right or bottom-left corners of the map editor. So you'll want to have your short-cliff & tall-cliff nodes aligned like this in the editor: ____+-+----------- ________ +-+----- ^ ^ short cliffs tall cliffs ...and it won't produce that funny hill in the middle between the short cliffs' section.
  7. 1) Geidi prime oil and Caladaan water are determined by the World you are in.
  8. I do agree there should be more options, but it doesn't seem like Westwood is going to put in more support for Emperor; they never really seemed to from the start
  9. Sniper (or anyone else), do you know how the map editor decides to render the middle of a deformed streach of a plateau, if the middle cliff edges are "short" cliffs & the ends are tall? I've found it either does it correctly with the ramps down the ends, or weird with a big hill down the middle. I don't think this forum supports images, but my cliff is shaped roughly like two platforms, one at each end, with a short-cliff "bridge" of rock connecting them like this: +++ +++ ++++ ++++ ++++++++=======/++++++++ ++++++++/=======++++++
  10. I find the map editor very easy to use: I have already constructed three detailed maps in the few hours or so since I downloaded the editor last Thursday (mon. now). I find the interface very powerful and not all crappy user-friendly like the StarCraft editor was. Remember Westwood gave us thier editor as-is, and I welcome the first ever Westwood attempt at pleasing thier fans with a map editor. On a side note, anyone here ever used Blender for 3-D graphics editing? You'll never say this map editor has a crappy interface again, I'll tell you! ::) Alam Al-Mithal
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