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  1. Heh, back right before Dune died Trix started playing Dune and I remember TankTrix asking me for Build Orders and how the #(*$ I built so fast. Harkonnen was never a problem for a good Atreides player because when used right, you wouldn't let your Sonics kill your own units. Back when Dune was played right, Harkonnen players hardly ever even built Devastators. So to rebut your comment Ophirus, Harkonnen strength does not win the battle but it's Atreides versatility that does.
  2. I don't have MSN, do you have a Yahoo or AIM Name? I have those. Let me know, I also have mIRC, and I can download ICQ if needed, where does the Dune community meet to play games? Let me know! ~JeRsKi
  3. When it comes to online play, Atreides is the only way to go. Atreides is the most versatile house of the 3 and when played right, I believe, will always out-do the other 2. The most fun class though, I believe, is Ordos because of their fast paced style. I never really did like Harkonnen, they're just way too slowwwwwwwwww.
  4. We were doing some cleaning in the house today and I found an old framed picture of JeRsKi winning the tournament back in November of 1999 and decided to see if anyone still played. I really do miss Dune2k, we had so much fun back in the day. With all the new 3d RTS and MMORPG's that everyone's playing nowadays Dune2k almost seems obsolete doesn't it? I've read some of the other topics and it seems that somewhere people are still getting games going, someone fill me in! I'd like to try a few games at least for old times sake. I'll check the forum again soon for any replies! 8) ~JeRsKi
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