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  1. Hmmm... It would be interesting to go through and find all the characters who were gay, and see if they are all supposed to be "evil". Can anyone think of another gay character? I can't off the top of my head... But I must add that based on the other opinions FH expresses, he seems fairly open-minded in general. So I would be inclined to reject his making characters gay delibrately to portray them as evil.
  2. Definitely looks funny. Well, c'mon... "from the makers of South Park"! ;D Yeah I liked when they used the fact that those people won't like it. Making fun of media celebrities is always fun! ;)
  3. Anyone here read Plato's "Republic"? In it he has a theory that all democracies result in Tyranny. He basically says that the true form of democracy is anarchy, if every person creates their own law. The chaos caused will always lead to acquiring one ruler to control the confusion. Then that one person has too much power, and becomes a dictator. Just a thought... not sure I agree, but good to mention. :D
  4. I noticed! It was only a step away from the evil Muaahahahahahaha... It was more of a "heh, heh, heh..." *snicker* :D
  5. Hey, anyone heard of http://www.johnkerryisadouchebagbutimvotingforhimanyway.com? Yes, it's a real site. Check it out... there rests my opinion. Bush came off as ridiculous to me... what's with the "it's real hard work" line being repeated? Hello, running a country is by definition difficult... it doesn't inspire much trust in the prezzy if he keeps saying how hard it is. And I dunno how hard it really is for Bush himself... but we won't go there, will we? :D
  6. Tinuviel


    Someone said yes, that she was one of Zeus' lovers... actually it was Leta, from the legend of Leta and the swan. Zeus turned into a swan and raped her... if you want to call that "being his lover" than go ahead... I should go read Dreamers of Dune... I loved finding out that Harkonnen was found in a Cali phone book! That's hilarious. :D
  7. So I tried recording from outside the speaker, and it sounds pretty good. There is still a trace of the background music, but it doesn't sound bad. I'll see if my computer records it's own output like you said, Nema Fakei. That would be really useful... I'll check that right now. If anyone wants to send me something they have that would be great... otherwise thanks for the help everyone. Again, if you want to see the project let me know! 8)
  8. Thanks. Yeah... the primitive record is kind-of a last resort. ::) I have to look at the movie again to see what lines would be good... maybe the litany against fear or something? If you have any ideas that's great, I'll take anything right now! ;)
  9. Any similar sounds would work, too. If you have some that would be great. Otherwise I might try playing the movie and recording the sounds from outside the speaker... primitive but effective. 8) Thanks for the link, I'll try it. ;D
  10. Tinuviel

    Dune Control

    I didn't really contribute before, so here's my bit... :D I think much more important than including every line and nuance of the actual story in the book is conveying the same feel as when you read the book when you watch a movie version. For instance you don't need every line of Paul's monologue thoughts to convey what he is thinking about... Of course it will be different from the book, the very definition of making a movie out of a book is making it a different piece of work. In a book all the author uses is words to create visual experience, and in a movie that same description of a scene can be shown in simply the image itself. The part where everyone disagrees is in the interpretation of the text, what should the scene really look like, etc... Probably the biggest problem with making the Dune series into movies is that there hasn't been a good way of showing the extended-dimensional experiences of the spice trance through a visual medium. And the variations of interpretation are even greater on this particular subject... :D Someone should really explore ways to show the trance, with effects, good acting... Anyway here are my "catches": 1. INCLUDE the scene where Jessica receives the message from Lady Fenring in the greenhouse room on Arrakeen. I think it made Jessica much more complex and kept you guessing about her loyalty. 2. EXCLUDE... hmm. Does combining scenes count? If so, combine the scene of Paul's testing with the soon following chat between Jessica and the Reverend mother. 3. NEW SCENE: Transition sequence between Book II and III (Muad'dib ---> The Prophet) to show passage of time, rather than just say, "Two years later..."
  11. WANTED: CHILDREN OF DUNE SOUNDS So I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get audio clips from Children of Dune. In particular I would like a worm roar, and if possible a line or two from Leto II. I am designing a character skin of Leto II for the game Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy- I bet some of you guys know it. I would like to make the worm roar his taunt, and have a couple of things for him to say when he gets hit by other characters. If anyone has any info, sites I could search, anything... please let me know! I'd really appreciate it, and I will credit you in the readme file of the final release of the character! Also if anyone wants to see pictures of the project I can post/send pictures. Let the flood of useful information begin! :D
  12. Which is why he is so awesome. He was challenging everything about his time, politics, religion, economics... and all of it still applies today. Well, it hasn't been that long... :D
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