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  1. hey, does anyone know if the creators of the dune miniseries/children of dune miniseries have a website or anything on the internet? thanks.
  2. Towards the ending of this book right after the chapter where Leto begins to test Siona, Duncan confronts Moneo in the hall. Can someone explain this conversation between the two and what Leto is actually doing to manage his army? I'd really appreciate it. "He's our best hope to perpetuate..." (Moneo) "Perverts don't perpetuate!" (Idaho) Moneo spoke in a soothing tone, bbut his words shook Idaho. "I will tell you this only once. Homosexuals have been among the best warriors in our history, the berserkers of last resort. They were among our best priests and priestesses. Celibacy was no accident in religions. It is also no accident that adolescents make the best soldiers." "That's perversion!" "Quite right. Military commanders have known about the perverted displacement of sex into pain for thousands upon thousands of centuries." "Is that what the Great Lord Leto's doing?" Still mild, Moneo said: "Violence requires that you inflict pain and suffer it. How much more manageable a military force driven to this by its deepest urgings."
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