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  1. It could be fun. First I will kick out Gunwounds
  2. In statistic, the probability aliens exist is higher than the probability they don't. And why not?
  3. No the real problemis the goalkeeper. I hope the coach will select Landrau and Fray instead of Barthez
  4. What do you expect? Anti-terrorists organisation, like GIGN (Groupement d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale) or RAID (Recherche Assistance Intervention Dissuasion). Section of the Army like commandos de marine (commando Kiefer).
  5. France of course. One of the countries which won all its qualification matches. Remember this : Monaco in finale of the Champion's league (with Giuly and Rothen), Marseille in finale of the UEFA Cup. Thierry Henry, the best player of the english championship, Marcel Dessailly and William Gallace in semi-finale of Champions'League with Chelsea. Johann Micoud who win the German Championship with Breme... The Gunners (Henry, Wiltord, Pires,..) who are Champion of England without losing a match. Must I continue the list?? ;D
  6. The world IS devided in cultural and religious areas. It is a fact, you can't denied it. Those differences have influences on the economy. Furthermore diversification is a good thing. Living in a grey and uniformised world is a borrowing thing, it would be unbearable.
  7. I've have forgotten a thing Ana. The Army in Turkey is the last wall against the islamic power. If you put the army out of the power, Turkey will become an islamic country. The Ayatollahs are waiting for it..
  8. I think Turkey has not to be a member of EU. According to me EU is not only a trade area. All the european country share a part of the same history and a common culture (which includes the religion- I'm sorry Anathema). Turkey doesn't share these culture and history entirely. The second objection is geopolitical. I believe that the world must be divided in areas (USA, EU, ASEAN, the project of South America- without USA!!- an Africa area and a middle East one). I think Turkey has to be a part of the ME area. It will be an avantage for this area because those areas has to exchange each other. So they must have a country which can play a role of transition. Turkey is this country.
  9. Ok, I will try to understand. What are the conditions to become a member of your "club"? Do you want an evidence of my insanity?
  10. Why not? a stupid texan became president of the USA. Everything is possible... The truth is outthere...
  11. I don't understand a thing. Are you all live in an asylum, eh?
  12. and it is back.. YES!!!!
  13. Leto le Juste


    For me, it is russian. Next week, I pass financial analysis... It will be great!! :P
  14. It is the first time you are applause by someone here, right? ;D
  15. Have you ever heard about the "despotisme
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