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  1. Thanks scotsman, I will download the RC and give it a try anyway. My installs have always been identical and I generally don't run mods. I have been checking out past sites and boards and it seems a lot of people had this problem and could never fix it. Someone reckons its because the code was pretty poor in the networking side of the game. Why they never put a patch out for that when so many people could not Network the game it I don't know. Seems they were only interested in fixing internet troubles. :- I will give the RC a go and if anyone else comes up with anything I would apprec
  2. thanks erjin999, I wish it was that easy. I turn the firewall off and have removed it entirely. clean instal with no firewall and still after 15mins gaming it goes out of sync. I can just about set the clock by it. :'(
  3. LOL, Actually when you watch the galaxy aircraft take off their wings tips start off nearly touching the runway and as they pick up speed they bend upwards more and more until they are flexed above the fuselage. Considering how big these babies, you can drive a bus into them, that is almost like flapping their wings. perhaps someone in the military was realy from Dune....... :O
  4. Hi thanks for the info. Have applied 1.06 patches and never worked. As to the RC. Tried to find this but no luck so far. Links not working and I cannot find it with a search. :-
  5. LOL life is like that. I never even got to LAN game dune 2000 but could play everything else. My son and I saved up for ages to buy 2 disks for the game so that we could play and we were sadly disappointed. It never ran more than 15 minutes in LAN and it has never been fixed by any of the patches and since back then we couldn't afford net time...... So count you blessings. we loved the game but could only drool...
  6. hmm sounds neat, but gettign back to the title of your discussion, I notice that when insects fly it is either into your open mouth as you run or straight into my windscreen. Both end up with a splat. Not very good flying if you ask me... :O)
  7. Hi, I came across this in Tiberian sun and Red alert 2. It Only did it with 2 of our computers and not the other during LAN games. May be a hardware quirk associated with custom built systems as not all hardware responds normally to windows when together, but try the following. .....Try turning off all other software plus ensure that the power saving is off completely. Make a power saving profile where the hard drive never turns off and everything else stays on, save it as "always on". This fixed it on one of the computers we had trouble with. The hard drive would power down and then the
  8. Hi, Thanks for replying. The game works fine in Single player. It is a Multiplayer issue. When Logging onto a game or setting up/hosting a game it works fine for the first 15 minutes. All functions of Play work great up until 15 minutes passes then the game cuts out with a out of sync error. Both players freeze for a few seconds then they end up by themselves still playing the same game, but without a network link. The Game can be played singly then, but not connected. Both disks were legitimate disks. I say were, because though they were a present my son and myself gave ourselves one Chri
  9. Re: Dune 2000. Networking. I connect on a Lan and always the game drops out after 15 minutes. It always fails to maintain a link and I have never been able to network the game regardless of what hardware I have bought over the years. Network cards, drivers, hubs, switched hubs, newer computers etc etc. I always used Win98SE. Westwood refuse to answer or address this problem as I have approached them countless times and after years of emailing them and getting no response I gave up. Any ideas? I tried just about everything I could but noone locally has succeeded in getting a Successful LA
  10. Hello, I have only just found your site after having problems with Dune 2000 literally for years. I eventually gave up trying to get a response from Westwood etc. Logging in to see the problems you are discussing is disturbing. I understand that people are very petty and I have gone through enough in life to know how it can damage you and disillusion you. I do not know why the issue is the image?? You appear to be beautiful and intelligent and obviously helpful to others which speaks of kindness within. All of these qualities are admirable and wonderful. Do not let others destroy this.
  11. Hi, A bit of info you may find helpful. Your hdd may be faulty but there are issues you may need to consider. thngs that can cause errors on your drive and give you these problems you are experiencing are also the following........ Ribbon cable. minor power spikes can cause failure of these and of data transmitted. = inconsistent annoying errors in windows and on boot up. Often telling you that the drive is not there or faults such as you describe. replace the cable Growth defects. = something like rust spots on the disk platter that start as a miniscule spot and grow like lichen on a
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