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  1. so u lot r saying when u log in and no 1 online its normal u just 2 w8 like 1 day ?
  2. if u play online just reply saying i .
  3. i wud love 2 if u wud send a link plz ty for ur help
  4. when i wont 2 play online i c no 1 the hole day thats not normal
  5. ??? when i start up the game. u here the game sounds but not the main screen. and sum times when u do c the screen it kinda freezes. and becomes fuzzy. plz help me ??? :-
  6. ooh yea and when it fuzzis up when i gt rid of it every think is bigger for a couple of sec
  7. it wos working all fine but then when i wontid 2 play i open dune then toke like 10 sec near the main menu it went kinda fuzzy on the top of the screen plz sum 1 help me ??? ??? ???
  8. u need 2 download C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32AUTOEXE.NT. just typ in google that what happent 2 me i gt xp 2 contact me if it dusent work ;)
  9. i dont kno if this is normal but when i log in theres no 1 online the hole day that cant be plz sum 1 help me ???
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