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  1. Kindja hang in there ...u know me....go go go....never give up.....i come in when i have a chance.....play all day if i have to, to get this game going....so be tough be strong and never say its over....go go go..... :D
  2. If you like to find some players, its depend on time and location. But first thing first you need to download www.tunngle.com and create your nick to go online. And when you done create your nick then go online in tunngle and go to room Emperor: Battle for Dune. Now next step is to set your network card in Emp. same with your tunngle i.p. and go to LAN game. Sometime you get lucky you will see alot players, sometime a few bum around. Have fun
  3. Of course go to tunngle....more players can log in the same time
  4. I am game if RA server is back or something similar, been playing everyday on hamachi. Can anyone post how to set up a server, I bet alot elites will come back and new players will join. This would be awsome guys. I am excited already...Merry X-mas and Happy New Year to everyone. Hope the new server will bring our community back again one more time....I know this will be happen sometime in 2011.
  5. If anyone want to play hamachi game....my hamachi network is Newlords and password: dune....or page me at philiplee2k@hotmail..com ....link to download hamachi http://www.soft82.com/download/windows/logmein-hamachi/ ..and come out have some fun ;D
  6. Hmm I see alot faces in the forum everyday but see none of your face online...so what the deal?....u guys should be out online playing rather than in the command box and chit chat.
  7. come online every night......so come on down and rumble....12pm week days and all day on weekend...so come and let play...or page me on MSN at philiplee2k@hotmail.com
  8. hey skippy..where have u been....i have seen alot active players in the forum then in the game...so we need more players in game than in the forum...come out and fight
  9. ;D Newlords is the name....Emperor is the game :P philiplee2k@hotmail.com (The Collector)
  10. hehehe u guys sound like a plan ;D
  11. yea...I hope u guys more active in game than more active in the forum :P
  12. I like to represent all the members of EFBD would like to thanks RA a job well done for a new server....and also Mr. Olaf has put an effort and support to our community....As we well known that alot of new players are coming each day....I hope that we gonna see more coming.....Once again your work is much appreciated. ;D
  13. uh..huh...i am back....well i never left Emp....just my nick ....i cant log on xwis...thanks to ra server...now my nick are back ;D...keep on rocking :P
  14. u are the man cbrick keep the good work and let us know ;D
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