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  1. damn we should have those replay tools like they have for starcarft and warcraft... So I'm guessing... gun won? Give us a blow by blow account please. :D Did it start out balanced, or was one of them initially winning? Did they mostly fight it out on the ground, or did they tech? Did either of them fast expo? Was it hark vs hark? And lastly, did kingpoker make a bajillion sards like he usually does with the fac ref bar ref sard sard sard BO? With the first unit as harv from the fac? Tell ussssssssss........
  2. With regards to Air defence platform, they are slightly overcosted, and are quite easy to kill, even if they do great damage.To date, I have never seen a player make adps when they are winning. Gunships are excellent because they can break the opponent after you control the ground, and have surprise value. ADPs take forever to be a threat, and are easily countered once the enemy sees them drifting towards them. Their only value in my opinion is a sort of static defense when you're losing bad and are defending. They are very good for stopping Ordos once they are bogged down in ur base, at least till they start massing aa troops and sard elite. Only Spazelord has won with ADPs, against myself anyway, but Spaze could probably beat me with harkonnen engineers, so that doesn't count.
  3. Lol.. ok a run down on Harkonnen modern multiplayer. (Emperor has been around for awhile, but I'm only familiar with its history for the last 2 years) Hark units have the greatest advantage of brute force. This means armor and firepower superiority in terms of cost and build time. They might not move as fast as Ordos, and aren't as versatile as Atriedes, but in a head on fight in equal numbers and formation, Hark wins easily. The way the tech tree advancement works for Harkonnen favors mass production of cheap units, because their cheap Buzzsaws and infantry easily win fights against an equal number of enemy units. As long as you keep the threat of a sizeable army of these units, the enemy can't afford to tech. (If they do, kill whatever army they have and camp their spice) And as long as you keep the enemy at the same basic tech level, your unit strength will inevitably swing the game in your favor. Missile Tanks on the other hand, while instant killing any other combat vehicle they face, and while having reasonable mobility, don't really fall into this excellent harkonnen game plan. As mentioned above, they are alright for protecting your base from air drops, but the FAR CHEAPER trooper is also capable of doing so. And in any case, if you dominate the ground, few opponents will have the skill to simultaneously tech to air AND protect their spice flow. In a clash of armies, IF your game is going well (meaning the enemy hasn't had the chance to make a bajillion laser tanks or Minotaur) the missile tank isnt worth its hefty $1000. It probably will kill a $300 sand bike, but it will get mowed down quickly, giving you a net loss of $700 unless you are careful about protecting them. It's tactical capabilities are thus of poor value if you are winning. And if you are losing, Missile tanks aren't of the caliber to match up to equally costed Minos or laser tanks. The rare situation does arise when they are favourable, perhpas when your opponent has just begun the tech and has 1 Mino or Kobra, but in such cases, the cheaper and more versatile Assault tank does the job just as well. Finally, because of the size of opposing armies, the tier 2 tanks of other houses are useful because of their splash damage. Minos and Kobras wreck havoc in groups to waves of enemy units, and are harder to swamp. The Mtank however, only hits one at a time, and a group of them are fairly vulnerable.
  4. yea sksmjsmo is friggen good, and he got good fast. all those crazy koreans ^^
  5. Yo nik, sup. i haven't been playing too much lately, but if i see some guys on ill get on =) viking is not elite ;D welcome to the family :D
  6. hey my roommate is using my cd. how can he get a new login??
  7. RAWR harv drops can be ^&%$ annoying, especially when some guys sits a bunch of harvs next to his army and ur ally needs help and u need to bust through the other guys army and harvs... Lost a 2v2 once even though i had a superior army cos my ally got beat up on the other side of the map, and there some jerk sat at a choke with a harv and his army. couldnt get around it and the long way round in fishers plain leaves my infantry open on the move.... zzzz... got really angry... in fact i think tt was kalem doing tt... LOL
  8. i get that every time i play emperor on my laptop. (which is when i play empr since i dun have a PC now) i always have to run the program twice. in between my laptop will always stop functioning after it runs the little EMPEROR:BFD picture. I dunno abt urs, but fortunately i can cntrl + alt+ del, use task manager to end task the program. then i hafta click on emperor again. the second time is always fine...
  9. EmpBFD plays vastly more interestingly then so many other RTSs because the entire idea of micro (commanding individual units)has been marginalized in favor of large scale strategies like outproduction. One of the most fascinating things involved in the game is the use of real-life war tactics, such as holding chokepoints with artillery, flanking with mobile units, etc. What I'd like to open to discussion is the pairing of the best 'macro-strategy' with the house/subhouse, and specific instances of effectiveness. I've also noticed in the games I've played that some players favor particular play styles. Gun, the few times hes played harkonnen as my ally or against me, likes to mass produce a @#$%load of units and sit them outside his base, sort of passively waiting for people to attack him. Spaze, playing ordos, doesnt harrass enemy infantry at the start of the game with his dust, but some players (I forget names) always open by slaughtering a bunch of infantry and running off. Yet Spaze doesn't lose very much. People, why do y'all play the way you do? And as a sidenote, isn't an outpost extremely useful for setting up double teams and avoiding them? so why do so many people not make them? Now that was a long post.
  10. i get the game exe problem sometimes too. It causes my game to crash occassionally, but it doesnt stop me from actually running the game. i noticed it doesnt seem to happen as often when I'm online. seems like a bug in the game, as both my computers get it.
  11. eh shit tt really sucks i wont get to play much after today cos college is starting... argh
  12. was in a game abt to star with 5 other guys.. think there was spaze ra mjn... then the hing jammed. Now i cant access the RA server to see who's on, and I can't login either... is it just me or has the server crashed??
  13. also, can u duplicate gunships? hehehehe
  14. out of sheer curiosiy=> why dont people use ix nowadays!?!? and get 5/6 dulicators and mass a shitload of fremen/some good range fast unit and run them at the enemy base? ud still gain a hell lot from the fac tt u have endless supply so even if for example 1 out of 6 laser tanks got shots into the enemy theyd eventually help outgun them. plus if u send in ur own units it helps, esp if u send in ur units first in a different direction to draw fire away. does tt work???
  15. ooo look at me.. i beat newl for fewest posts ^^
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