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  1. I dont see how a No-CD Patch would be useful as if it was used, the game wouldnt look to the CD anymore, which means you would get no music, no dialog, and no movies. How boring. I'd rather not play it at all if i had to with those compromises.
  2. well i am. one prob. i get a URL error, when i go to download it. could you put it up again please?
  3. Can someone please post the BAG Tool for me, as the downloads are still down.
  4. I'm just wondering if i could get some help here. I've worked out that the 3 main culprits are: Movies, Dialog and Music. I can easily create a new BAG file and put all the music in it so that's no trouble. The Dialog is more difficult and 3 separate BAG files need to be created for each house and the BAG on the CD added to the BAG in the game directory, otherwise different House's Mentat's talk when you are playing a different house and it's very annoying. The last is the Movies which i haven't had any success with. If anyone knows how to get the game to read the movies when they've been copied to the hard drive, please let me know.
  5. Just to let you guys know, if you are getting an error saying 'A debugger was detected' when you go to install the game, use the Emperor Install fix. Even though it was meant for select drives which wouldn't read the game discs, it fixes this error and game play is fine.
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