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  1. I read guides and posts in this forum. Everyone says NEVER leave your spice fields unprotected. But exactly what size of army do you send there to protect them? And what types of units are good for spice field-guarding? (Living world off, just fending off enemy troops)
  2. Nah, too busy. Besides, I've only fought AI. But I'm still happy to see Emperor tournaments are still around :).
  3. How do you solve timezone problems when playing online?
  4. Is there any other active (or just plain awsome) dune sites out there? Not that FED2k is bad, but I want more information on strats and stuff. Can anyone provide some links?
  5. I also beat it by abusing a sort of bug. If you build walls to block all the entrances, the enemy armies will get stuck outside the walls, leaving only infantries to pass through, or kobras and minos to occasionally fire at your base. So my base is peaceful enough and I tech up. Then I built adv carryalls and simply lifted anything that can be lifted form my base straight to the worm. By then the AI armies will start breaking the walls but you're already killing the emperor worm so, what are they going to do.
  6. Is there any way to make the AIs team up to fight you in single player games?
  7. I run Emperor. And when I click new account on the Login page, it would say 'cannot load page or page invalid'. What can I do?
  8. I thought the Emperor community was dead years ago, then I found THIS! I'm new here and I'm happy to see other Emperor fans here.
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