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Montania 1858


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Goal: Welcome to Montania. Help the Montanians to built an efficient railway system to bring resources to their industry. If you follow the valleys, no gradient should be more than 2%.

Author's Comments: Montania is a very huge map. At the west coast the economy is based on agriculture, in the centre of the country there are heavy industries based on coal, iron, bauxite and gravel. In the eastern part of the country, there is a mixture of sheep, grain and logging camps. In the south the economy is based on oil, cattle and sugar beets.

I suggest the player to start with a small railway from Kingston, the capital of the country. After a few years to consolidate your company, expand your railway to Galesburg and build up the steel industry there. Kingston/Newport is a huge urban center, so there should be plenty of mail and passengers to carry to and from the provinces. By 1910 or so, the whole system should be built, and by this time it will take approximately 225 trains to run it.

Note:: From 1950, until 1957 six classes of steam locomotives are available. After then only electrics or diesels are on the market.

By drawing this map I have built all railway lines with a maximum gradient of 2%, and replaced them with reserve cells. When finished the map I have liquidated the company and then tested the game by playing it 2 times. Personally I prefer to simulate a minor railway system with pretty landscape, without any disturbing competition or too many train crashes. If You agree, I recommend the following cheat: TAB. Then write NOWRECK to eliminate all train crashes.

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