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Is it possible to get arrested

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Really being put into prison, no idea.

But recently I know you can get the RIAA to sue you and make you pay. but the reaction from P2P programs was fast: Blubster 2.5 is already going anonymous so it's hard for anyone to hunt traders in court... And we still didn't saw other programs' reactions.

For more information, www.slyck.com (daily news, forums for questions, etc.)

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is it possible to be arrested for downloading music in the US?

don't be paranoid. it's just as "possible" to be arrested for recording television broadcasts with your VCR.

RIAA is trying to use fear-mongering tactics to intimidate the simple-minded. don't be one of those simple-minded. they can't touch you. they won't touch you. download everything you please.

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Pah lease. They only threat about taking your though courts. Think about it, they won't want to waste time and money squeezing a few quid out of your pocket. Do not worry, but if your a mass disrebuting MP3's then that is a different story.....

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