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    JackBlade Mod.
  3. what do you mean youll make it for me. im doing this on my own. wats wrong with telling people to create new folders, not everyone has them.
  4. so whatever happenned to the contest.
  5. is it possible to be arrested for downloading music in the US?
  6. hello, flyby is back with a beta mod all it has is my new unit the jackblade, check it out, its a cool unit.please add to dune editing.[attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  7. i had this same problem, did u edit the starport settings at all?
  8. i'm sorry i added a new topic but i wanted everyone to get this message. WHO HAS DOWNLOADED MY MOD AND WHAT DID YOU THINK. there have been at least ten downloads yet no one has replied to me . tell me what you think of this begginers mod. be honest.
  9. well, i guess i'll try. i'm not sure if i can meet the criteria with my skills, but its worht a try, i guess.
  10. What were the flaws that the prequel had. They have been talked about but not named.
  11. you said my mod was in dune editing, well it isnt.
  12. i Read it and loved it. i got it for 9.99 hardback. why doesnt a big movie corporation purchase dune and make a decent movie. it will become like lord of the rings, many people will buy the books. and everyone will be happy.
  13. im sure youll disagree but im a younger reader and i believe the prequels were better than the original so i dont mind the flaws. but neway, wat are the flaws. i am not a super knowledgeable dune person but i do know a little. i do know the books are good if they get their own message board. since when was there a to kill a mockingbird message board.
  14. i would like to thank whoever zipped this file and also would like to tell everyone it is located at http://www.dune2k.com/forum/?board=19;action=display; threadid=8784 Tell me wat u think!Thank u and happy editing.
  15. so when are the ordos mentioned in this movie and how are they listed in the dune encyclo. if they were never mentioned in the books. the 2 books have different authors.
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