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Emperor Harkonnen

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I think you cannot say that 'the Atreides are Christian', because, when Leto said something to Rhombur it was from the OCB, and not from the Bible...

I think the Sardaukar hane no religion after all...

You can be fanatic, without having a god...  ;)

The Tleilaxu have some sort of True Belief or somethin, because they start to spread their religion to the Universe and it's quite different from the religions I know.

And about the religions: why do you guys think, that if someone's being nice then he/she's Christian??

I think Buddhism too speaks about loving life and all the other living creatures! And furthermore, Buddhism started no war against other people not being Buddhist,

unlike the Christians and the Islam in the Medieval ages.

And something about the Jihad: in the Koran, Allah says, to use the Jihad to strike BACK at the enemy who attacked you, and not to be the first to strike. The Islam bears other religions parallel with itself.

And if you listen to the news of today you can hear or read that the religious leaders of the Islam say, that they will only start a Jihad against the USA if it attacks them...

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I don't wanna start an eternal discussion about religion, but the Muslims attacked the Byzantics first, and during the crusades the Christians just helped their allied, Byzantine, to regain their territory, which the Muslims took.

and the muslims attack Hinduists too in India, so present they are the most hostile religion. Don't get me wrong, I ain't saying that all muslims are like that, some muslims are extremly tolerant.

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A lot of the imperium seems to be agnostic. And the Atrides aren't definitively OC. There are quotations from the OCB from many (BGs, incidental characters...), because it is a book for the age after the machines, but religion is more subdued... the element of religion is les important than the human>machine element.

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Orange Catholicism is the "main" religion in the Imperium.  As Jacob said, it's many religions clumped into one (most religions, after all, do have very similar teachings), revised, edited, etc.  Also, it contains the Butlerian Jihad strictures (the chief commandment being "Thou shalt not create a machine in the image of man").

Although, that's not to say there aren't other religions.  The Bene Tleilax were of the Sufi religion, the Fremen were Zensunni, and so on.  They also make mention of Buddislamic monks on Lankiveil in HH, as well as the High Priest of Dur (probably O.C.), who coronated Shaddam IV in HA.

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