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Emperor Harkonnen

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Frank Herbert had a religious melting pot in the Duniverse. He borrowed from one religion and mixed with another religion most are borrowed from the Native Americans and Eastern influences. As far as Buddhislamic is as it says a variant of the two religions. I am not sure which doctrines are used from either religion to form the central doctrine. I'll let Nema explain the Orange Catholic bible.  :)

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Damn, how come I get the hard one?

Ok... the Butlerian Jihad necessitated some rethinking of moral values... christians likely stopped fighting among one another and attacked the common enemy, the machine on moral/religious grounds... I guess they found that they had so much in common that after the war they would create a common holy text based on new values they had to adopt during the Jihad. So even the Catholics and the Orangemen, sworn enemies, agreed. We have an OC bible!

Most houses seem to be agnostic or mildly religious with no particular tendancy.

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Well it says that the religions completely merged in the DE. The zaeroastrians, christians, eastern philosophy and religion, hindism, islam, zenzunni, unitarians and many more. It gives a list in there. Its really weird.lol

It even talks of hte books in the orange catholic bible. the christian old testament and new testament as well as the apocriphal books as well like the gospel of thomas. The koran, Then the zaeroastrian book and the veda as well as confusionist writings and zenzunni books. a lot more then that:)

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Shai Hulud is a god, damnit!

Anyway, not ALL religions merged for the OC bible.

There are the following divisions:

OC: All Christan denominations

Zensunni: Far Eastern + Sikhism + some Islam

Buddislam: Speaks for itself

Tleilaxu religion: Islamic + ?

Sardaukar Fanaticism: Pharaonic?

Can't think of any more at present.

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Judism survived as well.

And the O.C. is no longer an important document.  Near the first of Dune, when Paul gets the bible, and when he quotes it to Jessica, it talks about it being one of the ancient ways that people don't study anymore, except the Bene Gesserit.

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I know you asked Nema but I will just say this, it's the way the Rev. Mother (I do not remember her name at the is moment) describes how their religion is it seems to be Islamic influenced to a certain point. Their way of praying seems Islamic and some of the prays seem to be Islamic just deleted or rearrangement of the words. Although I have still to understand what other religion FH mixed into forming the Bene Tleilaxu. Maybe Nema can shed some light on this subject, Nema?  :)  

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