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That's it, there I am discussing strats in WOL chat and BOOM - I get banned for no reasoN!!!!!!  ARGH!  I hate WOL CHAT!!!  I am NEVER going in that room again!  Now I can't play Emp for a while ~~!!@@@@@

CURSE WOL CHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How about not taking it as a curse, but as a blessing. It can be translated as a blessing, showing you that your personality isn't very good and is quite explosive. But you may be the best person in the world in real life, so I am talking about online personality. Maybe take it as a reason to help better yourself and take a chill pill.

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I was NOT being hostile on WOL when I got banned.  I was simply using some colorful adjectives to illustrate my point.  I was being nice.

Can someone please tell me how long I am banned off WOL for?   It didn't say, no warnings, no nothing.   >:( :O ::)

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