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Requiem and Final Respects for Emperor

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Emperor is not dead. I bought the game about 2 months ago and have only recently (in the last couple of days) began multiplaying. There always seem to be people there and I enjoy a good game every time... either by getting my butt kicked and learning from it or kicking some newbie butt and teaching them a thing or two so they're better next time.

Negetivity will solve nothing.

- Neo

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Well i bought WC3 as well, just to play it online.

And man this game is nothing compared to emp.

I played 10 games yesterday, 9 of them were against a nightelf player, every fuckin game went the same: huntress rush.

And u tell Nav that hes a idiot becuz he cant micromanage, well i have to go with Nav on this. When u have a big battle its IMPOSSIBLE to micromanage like u want. U can always micro ur hero becuz of F1 but microing ur shamans or whatever is just a hell, u can barely tell ur own units from the enemies (if ur playin same side) and when u finally got him hes dead. ;D

And dont say i suck at microing cuz i have no probs with emperor.

Only reason i play WC3 is becuz u have a game in a minute.

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He is not a newbie, he's an old-schooler who knows quality. Props for that. The Wing Commander games are much better than any crappy WarCraft game so they are much more worthy of the initials.

And you can NOT Micro your Hero in War3 with the Hero hotkeys. Now *that's* a newbie remark if ever there was one.

"Press the Hero hotkey to select your Hero". GUESS WHAT???


Hero Hotkeys are 100% IRRELEVANT to stopping this horrible flaw in game design.

War3 sucks. In Emperor your gameplay view is never ever blocked no matter how many units are on the screen, so good Micro is always possible (when not factoring in the many game-ruining pathfinding bugs... but even they are much more tolerable than the way War3 BLOCKS YOUR VIEW OF THE GAMEPLAY WITH IT'S CRUDDY ANIMATIONS!)

Just goes to show why real RTS players play Emperor and babies who don't want strat in their RTS games prefer War3.

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Yes, I know pressing F1 twice centres over your Hero. However, when the screen is a jumbled mess of indistinguishable pixels, pressing F1 twice is *not* going to let you see your Hero. And you are right, using spells/abilities/items in War3 with skill is completely impossible due to the inability to aim thanks to the horrible interface and animation that blocks you from being able to see anything.

I am glad at least one other person has noticed one of the many reasons why War3 is a babyish joke compared to Emperor.

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I have to do something I rarely do--I have to agree with Nav on something. First, let me say this: WCIII is a great game, and I'm having fun with it despite the fact that I lose most of my games and it's not as easy to learn as Emperor was. However, Nav is right about the jumbled mess on the screen during battle with lots of melee units. Sometimes the only thing you can do to move your units into the clear is by using the town portal scroll, if you've got one, that is. Of course, then your units are all out of the battle and back at a friendly base, so it's really just a way to retreat.

You really have to admire how clearly you can see everything in Emperor at all times. All the units have different ranges, so they don't jumble up like a screen full of melee units. In that respect, Emperor beats the hell out of WCIII.

Here are my own general opinions:

The WCIII campaign is SOOOOO much better and more fun than the Emperor campaign.

The graphics of the two games are comparable, with perhaps a slight edge to WCIII--moving water, spell effects, etc.

Battle.net beats WOL for service and support, so WCIII has a big edge there. WCIII will be getting Blizzard's famous support and patches for years to come, while Emperor was abandoned after less than a year.

The online competition is much more fierce in WCIII--so many players who have so much more time than I have to get really good. Even if I get "good" at WCIII, I'll still probably lose the majority of my games, while with Emperor I've always won more than 60% and often as high as 80% of my custom matches (I never really got into QM). If you are very competitive and possess great RTS skills, go for WCIII because you will NEVER be the best--someone else will always have more time to waste/spend on RTS games, so you will always have something to strive for. On the other hand, if you want to ensure your rank reaches the top 50, go for Emperor--the competition, overall, isn't nearly what you'll find in WCIII.

Emperor's mech units are cooler than WCIII's creature units, IMHO, so I give Emperor the edge there.

Emperor has three houses to WCIII's four, but because of the subhouse options in Emperor, it still takes the prize for variety and unit choices.

Emperor allows you to rotate the map to see anything from a different angle. That's a really cool feature.

And last but not least, because of the jumbled melee battles in

WCIII, it's much harder to control, let alone see, what you are doing. Emperor wins this battle.

In the end, I prefer Emperor to WCIII. But it is hard to pass up a new RTS with great support, a huge fan base, and a better online server. So I'd recommend that anyone who wants to choose between Emperor and WCIII should choose WCIII because you'll be satisfied and supported for years to come. For those of you who just hate Blizzard RTS games, Try C&C Generals when it comes out (scheduled release in November), because it's probably going to be very good.

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Good points u have there Taq, but u forgot an important one where Emperor beats the heck out of war3.

The Strategy- When it comes to strategy emperor just rulez (especially qm) with war3 u have way less strategy due to spells which can change the tide of battle in seconds (kinda like sandworms & storms do in emp).

War3 comes down to,

making units

see where ur opponent is and check if u outnumber him (no invisible units!!)

Throwin all ur units in battle and the outcome is usually decided by the heros spells.

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I'm not sure about that, Fuzi0n. WCIII seems to require MORE strategy, not less, than Emperor. If it were simply a matter of how many units you throw at the enemy, then anyone who built a hero and then as many first-level units as possible would win. It usually comes down to two things: Hero points and advanced units. But just as in Emperor, in WCIII you can't simply tech up and build only advanced units (like the Mino or Devastator in Emperor) and hope to win, because the rush also exists in WCIII, making first-level units absolutely necessary in the early game. Just as in Emperor, you have to have the right balance of units--for example, melee, air, anti-air, hero abilitites, siege units (catapults), etc. Concentrate on just one of those things against a decent player, and you die quickly.

Also, in WCIII harvesting is very important strategically because if you build too many farms, ziggarats, orc burrows or moon wells too quickly, you won't have sufficient units to fight, and if you build those things too slowly, you'll hear that irritating "Build more farms [ziggarats, orc burrows or moon wells]" which means you can build no units until you build more of those things. Likewise, the upkeep for your growing army (the most irritating thing about WCIII, in my opinion) makes selecting the right units in the right numbers an absolute strategic necessity.

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ok true but there are a couple of things (i think) ur wrong about,

that about wc3 having more strategy then emp.

Its true what u say about to win a battle u need a good mix of units but in wc3 the luck factor is huge. Ur enemy hero might have some items to turn the tide of battle in his favor, so i ask where is the strategy in this??

U usually end up with all ur units dead (aswell as the enemies) and throwin spells and items at the other hero.

And another thing is, strategy requires scouting and knowing what ur enemy is doing. In wc3 that almost impossible (i play human) except with undead (shades).

Final point is when (with emp) u put a couple of kindjals, snipes, drones and a mino on a rock piece its nearly impossible to kill those units. In wc3 u cant do this u have to keep ur entire army close together or else spare units will get slaughtered.

Oh yeah one more thing, towerrushing????

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okay this thread is not for you guys to post dumbass statements about War3 needing more strat than Emp. That's BS.

War3 requires *NO* strat at all as I have proven many times over by my posts in this thread and other posts I have made on the subject on these boards.

You guys who confuse "clunky, half-baked, unfinished interface and awkward, impossible-to-control gameplay" with "more strat" have aboslutely no conception at all of what Strategy means.

Emperor requires a tons of Strat to be successful, and War3 involves no strat at all.


War3 sucks. Not to mention it's uber-babyish and everything has a very campy and flagrant "homosexual" look and sound to it in War3. Not hard to tell what real-life communities the War3 makers are catering to (babies and homosexuals).

Emperor rules.

RIP Emperor, you could have been the greatest RTS and only RTS ever necessary if you just had all your bugs fixed and new developer-maps being released constantly.

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