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"Silent Worm, Holy Worm"  ;D

"Come see the lights on the eight days of Channakauh (or however you spell it).  In the time of Secret Israel..."  

(Those of you who paid any attention in Heretics and Chapterhouse will get the Secret Israel reference.)

"Hark the harold Fremen scream..."

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And don't forget the all time favorite by Maud'Dib "Harkonnens Skinned by an Open Fire"

And the Tleilaxian motion picture production of "Miracle in Axtol Tank #34"

Also hear the Harkonnen Mass-Destruction Choir sing "Wreck The Halls" You know the chorus "Wreck the halls with dev-a-sta-tors fa la la la la lalalaaaa"

And last but not least hear St. Alia-of-the-Knife sing "Here Comes Maud'Dib" and "Baron Vlidimir Harkonnen Your a Mean One" ;)

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Reposting this from the landsraad


By DuneFan

You know Leto and Jessica,

and Paul and Alia,

and Gurney and Duncan,

and  Thufir and Yueh,

But do you recall

The most infamous Atreides of all?

Yueh the Tattooed Doctor

Had a very deadly tooth,

And when he got to use it,

The Baron would soon learn the truth.

All of the House Harkonnen

Plotted when they heard his name;

They captured poor Lady Yueh

And Yueh was never the same.

Then before it was time to leave,

Piter came to say:

"Yueh won't you save your wife,

   By handing over Duke Leto's life?"    

Then how the Harkonnen loved him

As they shouted out with glee,

"Yueh, the traitorous doctor,

You'll go down in history."

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