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Fed2k Living Dead

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This is the NOTLD dead story i am doing about people on fed2k. Go to Your permission is requested thread in general for more Details.

Comments are fine.

But only I am writing this as is.


 The first came with out notice a few scattered attacks in the country side against farmers and drifters accounted to animal attacks and domestic disputes.

One Became Two

Two Became Three

Three Became Four

 A population explosion soon swept across the county side and into the city like a plague.

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Rest of chaper one, next chapter will be with TMA

Ryan Checked the first door the bell ringing as he entered the door. The shop had been a sporting good shop, but most of everything was stolen off the shelves, He found pistol behind the counter and put it in his pack. Its weight suggested it was loaded but their were no clips anywhere.

With disgust Ryan left the shop. He cursed him self for not realizing earlier.

 Most of downtown would be ransacked, it

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Rest Of Tma's

Comment or die you filthy bipeds...er...yea..

like it almost had before.

 He closed his eyes and remembered the sight of his family wondering down the street. His hatred nearly consumed him, he wanted to kill every single one of them, he had raised his shot gun up and stopped, He had almost shot his own sister, what had been his sister.

 How could they have done that? How could they have taken his life, his friends, his family away? Why? What did it? Why did they spare him and take everyone else?

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

 He tried to fire, he tried to kill her, but couldn

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Commas? Inverted commas? Sentence control? Apostrophes?


A good day. He thought to himself.

should be

"A good day," he thought to himself.

Proper punctuation means people son't have to stop so often to work out how your sentence is supposed to work.

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Ex, why don't you use their nicks? I mean are those their real names? We know them better by their nicks...

Great work, grim atmosphere... 8)

P.S. wil you make one about me too? or you'll let me do it? ;D

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