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Earth 2150: Escape from the Blue Planet

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Update 30 march

Modified the resource count. Remember, if you make long posts you are rewarded with more recources.

Also, I'm giving each side new units.

ED -Grozny

Light chopper that is tougher then the Cossack or the aircraft of the other sides.

UCS -Cargo Salamander

Exceptionally heavily armored verhicle that can mount the same weapons as the spider, yet cannot mount shields. Thus, it is nealy invulnerable to cannons, rockets and chainguns, but very vulnerable to energy weapons (laser, plasma, electro)

LC -Fat Girl

Can mount 4 seperate weapons systems and thus very powerful. Lightly armored and moderately fast. Can mount shields.

For pictures of the available battle units check:



1,500,000 recource credits

Available units


Tank, can mount twin 105mm cannons. Cannot mount energy shields but is heavily armoured. Pretty fast.


Light verhicle. Can mount chainguns, rockets and lasers. Can also mount repair equipment and radar. Unarmoured. Can mount energy shields. Moderately fast.


Light weight chopper, either equiped with 20mm chainguns or rockets. Cheap and very fast.


1,600,000 recource credits

Available units


Mech unit. Can mount chainguns, rockets, plasma cannon or 105mm cannon. Heavy armor (can sustain slightly more damage then Pamir). Cannot mount shields. Moderately fast.


Light verhicle. Can mount chainguns, rockets and plasma cannons. Can also mount repair equipment and radar. Unarmoured. Can mount energy shields. Moderately fast.


Light weight aircraft. Can mount 20mm chainguns or rockets. Cheap and very fast.


2,000,000 recource credits

Available units


Light verhicle. Can mount chainguns, rockets or electro cannon. Unarmoured. Can mount energy shields, but only relatively weak ones. Very fast.


Medium verhicle. Can mount chainguns, rockets or electro cannon. Moderate armour. Can mount energy shields. Pretty fast.


Light weight aircraft. Can mount 20mm chainguns or rockets. Cheap and very fast.

Note: cannons, rockets and chainguns are particulary effective against lightly armoured verhicles. Energy weapons are particulary effective against units that wear little or no shielding.

NOTE2: Rockets and chaingun are AA capable.

Well, I know not many of you have actually played the game Earth 2150 before, but that's not really a problem :) I'll explain the storyline briefly.

After a huge economical crisis in the early 21th century that made the 1929 crisis look like a minor dip, the major powers, the USA, Russia and China began expanding their arsenal and indoctrinate their civilians with hostile thoughts towards the world, creating a volitile and xenophobic situation. Because of this, a relatively minor incident between Russia and the US in 2084 proved sufficient to trigger a full scale nuclear war that left the whole world devastated in its wake. The US less then others, because it had early on invested in a top notch SDI system, but no nation was left unscratched.

The Lunar Corporation, a company founded in 2002, saw this war coming and evacuated all company assets and employees, plus anybody willing to pay, to a new found colony on the moon. Before the war started, they already had bought nearly all NASA equipment and most of Russias spacecrafts.

From the rubble in Russia, the ancient Khan clan rose to power again after uniting the remaining Russian forces under its banner, and conquered vast territories in Europa and Asia, laying the foundation for a powerful empire now known as the Eurasian Dynasy.

In the former United States of America the people established a new nation, the United Civilised States. Scientists developed incredibly advanced artificial intelligence, and these new AIs began playing large parts in governmental decisions. Finally, an incredibly advanced computer system was placed at the head of the UCS militairy: GOLAN III.

In 2140, after a period of long peace, GOLAN III launched an invasion of former Great Brittain as a result of a computer glitch. The result was yet another devastating war, even greater then the war in the 21th century. For a while, ED forces possesed a large part of the North American continent, but they were driven off. The desperate ED generals finally launched a nuclear barage near the polar icecap in May 2150. The concentrated blast was so great it literally knocked the Earth out of orbit.

Meanwhile, the almost forgotten Lunar Corporation had gone many social and economical reforms on the moons surface. The society had adapted a socialist like government system. Also notable is that the moons low gravity had an impact on birth statistics, and that 80 % of the population was now female. The LC had acces to top notch technology from the beginning, and on top of that also uncovered what appeared to be alien wreckage on the moons surface.

Over the years, the LC had also sent numerous ships to Mars, the red planet, and had began terraforming it. Mars was now capable of sustaining life.

The disturbance in the Earths orbit was noticed by scientists by both the ED and UCS scientists. Calculations showed that the distance between the sun would rapidly diminish and that the Earth would become unpopulable in 6 months.

The Lunar Corparation, or LC, had been quitely observing the war, and had also noticed the uncoming disaster. A decision was made, to send a militairy force to Earth, or Gaia as they call it, to gather enough recources to build an evacuation ship. With this they would evacuate their own civilians. Sadly, there weren't enough recources left on Earth to save all three factions.

Back at the UCS, GOLAN III proved ineffective of dealing with the present situation and was replaced by a more advanced AI, GOLAN IV. GOLAN IV immediately gave a new order to the UCS forces.

[pre]Prepare satelites to look for mineral recources on every continent on the Earth.

Prepare militairy forces to secure mineral deposits on every continent on the Earth.

Prepare a construction site to evacuate at least 1.000.000 UCS civilians.[/pre]

Troop movements of the UCS and LC had not gone unnoticed at ED high command. With the vast majority of the globes recources being on ED soil, they would surely attempt to steal their recources. So Vladimir Khan II, the czar of the Eurasian Dynasty, gave the following order to his generals: Secure all mineral deposits on ED grounds, and prepare to do battle with not one, but two enemies!

So here's the setup. The ED has a vast arsenal of tank based verhicles and choppers. Primitive, yet effective. They mount their units usually with anti armor cannons or rockets, though they have recently developed laser weaponry. They're also the only side who still has acces to nuclear weapons, though most of the strategical arms have been depleted. Instead they have nuclear bombers and short range balistic missiles. The ED currently posseses Asia and Europe, but their forces are spread pretty thin.

The UCS no longer relies on tanks, but on AI controlled mechs. They still use conventional weapons such as rockets, but now usually relies on plasma cannons. Their air force also posseses plasma bombs that can compete with nuclear weapons. The UCS currently posessed North and South America.

The LC is the technologicly most advanced faction and posesses anti gravity verhicles that float about 2 metres above ground, giving them tremendous speed an manouverability. Their weapons are relatively ineffective though. Recently they developed electro cannons that prove effective, but not quite as much as laser or plasma weapons. Electro weapons can however be used to destroy a verhicle electronics, while leaving the rest of the verhicle salvagable. Their current verhicles carry little armor and are thus very vulnerable to rockets and tank mounted cannons. The LC rely mostly on speed. LC verhicles hover above the ground and are thus unaffected by mine fields. All LC verhicles are self regenerating. The LC is currently based near former Singapoore and posesses most of Indonesia.

The goal of this thread is for each faction to gather at least recource credits. I will decide how many credits a faction will receive on a regular basis, based on how well the participants write their battles. Participants can join any of the three factions (of course, multiple participants can be in the same faction). Every now and then I will "give" each side a new technology and explain their uses.

Fight :)

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For me, the LC. Even though I know little of this, I'm sure you'll tell me if I do something wrong.

Currently based in Indonesia, centred in Singapore. Closest potential takings; former Japan, China and India.

(I have to assume that these anti-gravity thingies can travel on water too, yes?) The Lunar Corporation uses speed, not strength. And cunning of course. And it sees that there are places rich in untapped minerals that have not even been CLAIMED by other factions, let alone physically taken over. A small fighting force is assembled, with most of the troops spread thickly in Indonesia, making a vast Fortress.

This small force is coupled with an extremely LARGE resource-gathering force, and sent off.

It travels South. In a day it shall reach Austrailia. (That's the speed part)

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Hmmmm.....I think I'll be the LC.

A force of 20 Lunars',15 Moons,and 5 Meteors are stationed in Western China.2 Lunars with Chain Guns and Electro Cannons are sent out to scout Eastern Europe.

Meteors load weapons and prepare for liftoff.

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Ok I'm placing another rule. Participants can only manage one battle at a time, and when they attack one of the opponents can choose to defend that area personally. I'll decide who gets to win (I'll flip a coin) to make it fair, and IM that person early on. When nobody of the other party chooses to handle the defense the attacker can just take the territory.

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Flipping coins? great, i lose!

anyway, let's begin.

The UCS transport aircraft near their destination and the arrival will be within minutes.

3 minutes and 48 seconds later the transport's landing gear touches the ground and steam erupts from the sides of the vessel. Silently and mechanical the cargo door opens and if there were a human standing there, his jaw would drop, because in that ship, a mighty force of UCS mechs stands there, and are just coming online. Startup lights start to flash and the first headlights on the mechs are already on. The mighty tall Tiger mechs rise on their legs and walk off the platform. Spider mechs start up their deflector shields and also leave the ship, however they do this more silent than their bigfoot Tiger collegues. And last but not least, the light and swift Gargoyle aircraft hovers out of the ship, preparing for a scout run trough the dense jungle. The mighty and tall Tigers are even small compared to the tree giants standing here.

When the first mechs have left the ship, small raindrops start to fall, slowly erupting in a massive jungle rain. Tic toc is what a human would hear at that time when all those drops fell on the metalic mechs, but ofcourse these mechanical beings don't feel that, they only suffer from the mud that makes walking a bit harder.

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Oh I forgot to mention that: energy shields. They're magnetic shields that stop energy weapons (and only energy weapons) and that can be mounted on some units. The Taiga, Spider, Lunar and Moon can mount one.

I didn't really intend it to be invented right now, but that's okay, they are now :). LC shields are more efficient because they invented it (whereas the ED and UCS stole it), so LC shields can absorb twice as much energy as ED and UCS shields can.

If you're interested in finding out more about UCS units and weapons you can visit this EarthT section. Sadly, only UCS units and weapons are explained.

Also, from now on the available technology and gathered recources will be dislayed at the first post and regularily updated by me.

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A foothold in Austrailia has been established and searching for resources has begun. No opposition has been encountered.

But of course, Austrailia is just a stepping-stone... A new, far larger force is even now being assembled in Singapore. Mostly Meteors, the group is equipped for battle, although their target is still top-secret...

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It's 16:12 in the afternoon somewhere in India, but it's raining hard and the sky is so dark that many a person could've mistaken it for 20:00 hours in the evening. Rain is still falling hard and the last scouting pattrouilles are returning. What the satellite already indicated the scouting parties confirm... this area is full with resources. This is ofcourse great for the UCS as it needs lots of it. But also comes with a disadvantage... it will also attract enemies.

2 tiger and 1 spider mech come walking trough the a tight path in the jungle with the report that there was a fight. They have found an ED scouting tank, luckily the 3 mechs were able to surprise and kill it before it could send a warning message. But the ED commanders will find out that there's a tank missing and will draw their own conclusions.

All in all it means that an enemy attack may not take long anymore. Now it has been confirmed that this area is ready for harvesting, the Mammoth building vehicles receive their instructions and start erecting a true base. Not only for harvesting, but also for constructing additional forces as an ED attack will come soon, and the dropped forces may hold them off for 1, perhaps 2 times. But this force is not powerful enough to stop a continual siege.

So extra forces must be build, both small and large towers are build, and mounted with plasma cannons and rocket launchers. Additional Tigers and Spiders are created and patrols are set up. Harvesters are busy getting as much resources as fast as possible and this outpost is quickly growing to a huge fort. Even a headquarters is already under construction.

3 gargoyles are sent out to scout for enemy units and positions. However 30 minutes later, when they should be back, only 2 of the 3 return. The one that scouted in the south east disappeared without a trace and that means only one thing, the ED or perhaps, but less likely the LC has found them.

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"Sir the LC have established a foothold in Western Australlia>' Smith looked up groggly from his coffe.

"We got any defense?" The messenger looked down pitafully at the Commander.

"Commander Dachuk is moving a force of tanks 450 strong across the boarders. We should engage them withen nightfall.

The roars of the engines screamed throughout the hills as the tanks moved uncontested to their targets. The rain poured down heavily and the full tank line looked down upon their enemies below setting up camp.

"One my command.....FIRE!" The cannons roared and bullets streamed down onto the LC, the battle for Australlia had begun.

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In a jungle somewhere in India, the UCS is building a base near a very rich mineral location for fast gather, but ED or LC is close as well. 1 day has passed and the base building continues progressively. 2 vehicle factories and 2 refineries are done, as is a powerplant with a couple of extension towers for extra output. The defences are almost on full strength with 8 large and 20 small towers.

The UCS weather satellite indicates that rain will be falling for at least 2 more days like this, which actually is an advantage now as it will hinder the ED from attacking, unless they try a surprise attack which gives more reasons to maintain the patrols. The mechs, especially the Tiger mechs have increasing difficulty to manouver well trough all the mud, but luckily the jungle was very dry and it sucks up water rather fast so that no real big pools are created.

The wind speed is very high now, on the ground this does not give any problems as the tree giants block most of the wind, but over the tree tops, the wind blows very hard and the gargoyle aircraft is unable to fly safely around and thus is forced to remain on the ground.

While more and more mechs are being created, evening draws closer and soon it will be dark. All mechs are ready to be activated as fast as possible to defend themselves against surprise attacks. A radar has also been deployed but the heavy rain storms make it hard to give any precise information about the surrounding area and the trees are responsible for a lot of interference.

While night goes by realy silently, and another day goes by without much trouble, rain is pouring down less hard and the windspeed is dropping. The first Gargoyles are launched again and also land scouts have been sent out again.

And then on day 3, when rain is falling less hard and it's 20:13 and 47 seconds, the first catasrophic reports are coming in.

WARNING! ED VEHICLES HAVE BEEN SPOTTED ON THE EASTERN SIDE OF THE BASE. 70% of the Tiger and Spider mechs receive the order to engage the opposition, the remaining 30% is ordered to watch the rest of the base for any back assaults. Gargoyle aircraft is launched to provide airsupport for the land forces.

A heavy battle takes place, as a large force of ED Pamir's, Taiga's and Cossacks are attacking the eastern part of the base. Luckily the new plasma cannons mounted on the Tiger and Spider mechs prove very effective against the unshielded Pamir tanks that are the biggest danger with their 120 mm cannons. Gargoyles go in a dogfight with the ED Cossacks and they receive support from the base rocket turrets who are very effective versus the lightly armored Cossacks. 2 hours 32 minutes and 12 seconds later the last ED unit explodes and UCS has held off the first ED attack.

The UCS has suffered moderate losses because of the surprise attack, but the base defences proved to be very usefull and hold their own in the beginning. This first attack is declared as a success for the UCS because of they where so cautious. If they had not put up so many patrols and sent out so many scouts, this battle might have resulted much less favorable for the UCS.

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Forgot to mention: ED and UCS use buiding verhicles, namely Gruz and Mammoth, to construct buildings. These can also be used to modify terrain, like flatten it or dig trenches that are uncrossable, even for LC (except of course for choppers and aircraft), making it a formidable defense.

LC does this differently. Construction docks in orbit around the Earth construct the buildings and are then taken down by transporters, during wich they are vulnerable to AA, but this has the advantage that they can "drop" their buildings even without help of a builder. Sadly, LC can't dig trenches.

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I am staying as close as possible to the original storyline of Earth 2150, so if anyone has a problem with this, you'd better say so now.

Singapore, LC HQ on Gaia...

Local Time: 8:00AM

An unusual looking craft glides stealthily over the misty ice covered ground of the forest in which the LC base is hidden. It speeds quickly towards the LC base, stopping some distance from the blue laser fences that make up the perimeter of the base grounds. A tranmission follows from the craft to the 'Main Base' facility of the LC base:

From: 'The Fang'

To: Sombra Shattan - Lunar Corporation Defence Manager

Subject: Proposal for Peace and Co-operation

I come in peace!

The UCS president sent me on this mission to bring you a peace offering. The Eurasian Dynasty, under Vladimir II is waging all-out war against our two nations. His goal is obvious: he wants to make sure we perish with the planet. If we ally, our chances of foiling his plans increase dramatically.

As a veteran of the Great War of '40, I can be of immense service to you. My skills as an organizer and commander are unsurpassed. Plus I am currently in possession of an alien vehicle and do not shy away from personally fighting the ED on the battlefield. To the contrary, I revel in the thought. Our president has given permission for your scientists to examine my anti-gravity vehicle.

>>>end of message

Penned by: Sombra Shattan - Lunar Corp. Defence Manager

Destined for: 'The Fang'

Topic of discussion: Ratification of our pact

Hello Soul Partner, Fang

Let me welcome you in the name of Sister Chairman Vayka Korlan. Our Celestial Council has approved the proposal from your esteemed president.

I have been chosen to serve as your liason since our karmic resonance is clear for all to see. This should yield a harmonious and prosperous partnership.

I ask you to please show some patience. The language and mentality of the warrior are foreign to me, so it may take some time to get accustomed to your speech.

Health and happiness!

The buggy proceeds to the entrance of the laser fence perimeter, and stops in front of 5 Lunar Corporation 'Lunar m1 20mm' units.

Penned by: Alia Toilan, High Mentor of the Lunar Corp.

Destined for: 'The Fang'

Topic of discussion: The Carthasis Project

Greetings to our Honorable War hero.

The LC has taken all possible steps to evacuate as many of our sisters and their sons as possible before Gaia's impending destruction.

As you can no doubt imagine, we are very low on the resources needed for our starship construction. Your top priority is to get us the raw materials we need. The Celestial Council has given its approval for all exploitation measures to be taken - even ecologically unfriendly ones. Gaia will soon melt. We must help put her out of her misery - for the sake of our new home.

If possible, you should try to avoid being drawn into a fight, but think me not so naive to believe was can avoid armed conflict altogether.

I drink a toast to our partnership - may it bloom in health and happiness.

Our satellites have spotted vast mineral deposits in the Ural mountains. Our scientists have just flipped out over this area. What we could do with all those resources! I know I'm asking a lot of you. I really don't know what will happen once we send you into the lions' den. Please be careful out there. The ED are a tortured people, devoid of any humanity or soul.

Health and happiness!

4 Meteor m1 20mm aircraft load onto the 'Jupiter' transport at the landing area in the main LC base. They are followed by Fang and the 5 Moon m1 20mm units. The Jupiter quickly takes them to the Ural mountains, where they unload, under the cover of darkness. After a brief scouting trip, the mineral deposits are sighted on a high cliff. All the LC units proceed to this point. The Meteors land, and turn their lights off. The Moon units and Fang then take up defensive positions, turn their lights off, and begin scanning the darkness for signs of ED activity. The landing zone facility lights are turned off, as to minimize the chance of detection.

A message from HQ is quickly tranmitted, then the channel is closed just as swiftly:

Penned by: Alia Toilan: Lunar Corporation Project Manager

Destined for: 'The Fang'

Topic of discussion: Carthasis/Ural

Ok, you've found the deposits! Now we need you to send us 20,000 credits for Carthasis, or our carefully conceived time schedule will be thrown way off. Please watch yourself out there, we're depending so heavily on your success.

Health and Happiness!!

A solar power plant is placed on the surface near where the LC units are located, guarding the mineral deposit. It is followed by 10 solar cells, a Solar Battery, a Mining Base, and an 2 Ore Transport Refineries (the Mining Base and the Ore Transport Refineries land directly on the mineral deposit field itself). Mineral extraction is fully automated. Now all the LC units have to do is wait...

Ural area is now being mined for ore. This is a stealth mission, meaning the LC is not looking for a fight (directly attacking the territory), we are simply attempting a covert mission to extract a given amount of minerals. After that, we have no interest in the territory.

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um um um... I really have no clue what the hell to do but here I go. . .

a group of 30 tigers,20 armed with chain guns the other 10 with rockets, move though the forest towards an allied UCS base. Commander John Mason peered though the cockpit of his mech. To his relief three spider mechs armed with chain guns greeted them. "commander Mason we have been sent word of your arrival and greet you our base is partially underground though so follow me," one of hte spider pilots radioed Cmdr. mason. Commander Mason was astonished at hte amount of vehivles in theis under groud base on top were heavily camoflouged factorys and power plants with alot of towers surrounding it but under groud there must have been at least 300 spider mechs and 200 tiger mechs. The under ground area was vast with mining vehicles digging tunnels that ;ead to entrances and escape routes, this base was marvelous. "Welcome home commander, I'm sargeant Rose, Anavel Rose."

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I hvae just been informed I lose, ah well :-

Cannons blasts streamed down onto the camp as explosins flew up in every direction. The enmies ran around franticly looking for some defense. Little fire was returned onto the tanks force as it continued its artillery barrage onto the enemy incampment. Suddenly a screaming voice boomed over the radio.


Intense fire emerged from a oncoming LC floater force. The tanks franticly returned fire nailing down the first wave. Another came and the tanks let more out. They just kept on coming.


More shots rang out from the ED tanks as they fell onto the oncoming enemy forces. Many went down but a there were just to many and they got withen full weapons range. Shots began being excchanged by both forces as many vechicles were being destroyed. ED was winning casultie wise but LC just had way more.

"RETREAT RETREAT!" The screams echoed throughout the tank line as the rumble of engiines sounded off. The tanks quickly went into reverse at full drive continuing artillery barrages onto the backside of the hill. The LC did not persue for they had lost the casultie battle, but won the strategic one.

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Lunar Corporation team in the Ural mountains is still mining raw materials from the region. So far, no response from ED. If the LC force is not detected and the ED does not respond to this operation within the next 3 posts of an ED player, then the operation will be a complete success, and LC forces will escape, having sent the full amount of raw materials home to the main LC base in Singapore.

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