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A dune pic i made


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i made this picture in photoshop today in my comp animation class....

took me about 15 min to find the pics for it... about 5 min to make

hope you like it ;)

[attachment archived by Gobalopper][attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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... yes

i used a burn tool to try and darken the side of the planes and palace facing away from the sun

as well as used the dodge tool to lighten the sides of them facing the sun ... as well as i used the paint brush on 10% to turn the colors a little more orange to fit with the setting

and if you can notice i also added a lens flare on the sun to give that "added effect"

the palace was mostly like that when i found the pic

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lol ;D


i don't have another class untill tuesday...

but i'm trying to get a friend to [hide]make me a copy of photoshop, and possibly lightwave 7[/hide]

hehehe... if you want to see a better picture..not dune related, look at TMA's thread in the General section "a picture i made" i posted a picture of a fountain movie i made in that section to try and show TMA that he may possibly want to consider using lightwave ....hehe

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shhhhhhhhh! ::)

actually, i think i'll just add the pic in this thread ;D

i have to say i am actually proud of this picture ;) i made it completely from scratch (if anyone is wondering)

so that you know... i made it in lightwave7 it is an animated fountain that i rendered one frame from and saved it 8)[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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