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Dune Jihad Turns


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This thread will be used to post your turns. I have not decided yet as to the exact format of posting turns.

If you have suggestions/comments please post them in the Dune Risk thread.

PLEASE make sure you know what territories are yours! There have been problems with people saying to do something to a territory they dont own.

So far the format for submitting what you want done on a turn is:

Turn 1

Trade -

Army placement -

Attack -

End Turn -

Transport -

Explanation of above:

Trade in cards for armies - =what cards you are trading in.

Army placement - A2 - 2    = that you wish to place 2 armies on territory A2

Attacking orders - A2(5) ^ A1(4) R=3 =you own territory A2 with 5 armies on it, and you wish to attack an enemies territory A1 which has 4 armies; you want to retreat at 3 armies. You would place each attack on a separate line.

Ending turn - =move armies to adjacent territories

Using movement cards to transport - =move armies to territories you own using cards.

The turns have started.

So I will IM whoever's turn it is what card he has recieved, then they can post what they want done(as above after I announce the # of armies they get in that turn), then I will post the results and IM the next person in line.

Something like this, but suggestions are welcome in the dune risk thread.

More info later.

Earthnuker will post first.

Earthnuker had 8 territories = 2 armies plus one for haveing a capital = 3 armies to place.

I accidently gave Earthnuker a card before the end of his turn. He can't use it this turn(not that it mattered a lot).

Or maybe I can give them to a player first. more info at other thread.

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Very well, I deploy 2 of my new armies in A7, and 1 in A5.

Furthermore, I move one army from A6 to A7.

You dont own A7.(unless you thoughy A1 is A7) Also if you read somewhere that you do, please post a link.

You are Earthnuker - Fremen, Yellow (your color is yellow, on right side of info box)

A7 is Ghosty_Square - Ordos, Green territory.

If people feel those colors are to close together(color wise; Can't differentiate) I can change it.

Also if you want to double check on the players pages, it says which territories they occupy and # of armies.


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Sorry Andrew, my mistake. In that case, I will deploy two new armies in A6 and one in A5. I move one army from A1 to A6.

You can not move your army to A6, they are not connected. A1 is connected to A2 and A7, also refer to: http://users.eastlink.ca/~sherrya/jihad/stats.html

for info about what countries are attached to each other.

Only the ornithopter card would allow that move.

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Thats ok, a suggestion would be to magnify it in IE(that little button at bottom right of pic if you got win xp)

I am going to give the cards out at the first of the turn.(and you can use them to in the turn)also hope I updated everything right.

Sent Ken124578 his Card, He gets 3 armies to place at the first of the turn.

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3 units on E4.

Is that it? can i still attack or do i have to end my turn and attack in the next round? (not ending my turn yet)

Well , you would state(example):

place 3 armies on E4

E4(or whatever territory) attack E5, retreat on 3.

move 1 army from C4 to C5

use card to transport...

you will tell what you want done for the entire turn in one post. although it could depend on how you do in battles, as to what you want to do I guess. but state that you are not done if that is the case.

Assume that the map is updated with your armies, as I wont be updating the map just for the placement of armies, if you plan on doing other stuff that turn.

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you don't own E4

you are blue, me gonna put peoples colors on next map maybe to help ease the confusion.

ok, me update today, as for the first battle(second really after I realized first was invalid)

attacker - 8

defender - 4

outcome - attacker wins with 3 armies left

so now you can to place 1,2, or 3 armies on the territory you conquored.(you decide)

tell on what territory you want 3 units placed on and attack.

will update the maps, once everything is sorted out here.

And players please make sure you own the territory you are attacking from / placing armies to.

oops, bit unfair that he get that info before all attacks are over, but me do nothing about it right now as I want to get game going a bit faster if possible.

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Hmm... guess i can only attack once a turn, 1 army on E6, 2 on E2.

So that means that i have 3 on E2, 3 on E4 and 9 on E6.

Sorry if I made it sound that way.

You can attack as many times as you want in a turn but you can only attack 6 different territories in a turn. I will place 0 army on the territory you conquored as i just read the rules and since it was a capital 4 armies extra of yours are deployed there (equivilant as the amount that defended it) sooo, me update maps now. and will edit when it is complete.

will leave everything as it is for now and will give turn to next person.(will notify before next person can post)will IM the next person with card and stating he can post.

and to reply to your statement, above, YOU DON'T OWN E4! so nothing of your is placed there, but you were right about there being 3 armies there.

and you have 5 armies on E2, 3 that you won with and the 2 you placed there. I assumed you moved no armies there as there were already 4 there.

me think that is all for now....will update(make) the other jihad thread.

Dunenewt has 8 territories = 2 armies

1 capital = 1 army

Total = 3 armies to place.

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Army placement:2 to B1 1 to C1

Attack: to attack C9 (2 armies), one army from each of the following territories:




I do not beleive players can consecutively attack a territory from different territories at once. You can however attack from different territories after one another, although I like your idea as it may speed the game up.

lets dicuss this more in the turn comments page as to whether people want this rule enabled.

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So do I change this (because if they were attacking consecutively instead of all at once the effect would be worse for me)

not sure, lets debate this in the other jihad thread "comments". Please dont post in this thread until we decide what is best.(post in "jihad turn comments" thread.)

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His armies were placed

ok dunenewt's battle went like this:

attacker 3 defender 2

Attacker wins without losing any armies.

Attacker transfers all 3 armies to the newly occupied territory.

so now me IM the next person with their card.(soon)

post comments in other thread.

Ghosty_Square turn recieves only 2 armies to place.

everything is updated..

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Yes you can use your card, but is it possible to use it before I do the battles and such(for fairnness)? You could say if a country ends up having between x and y armies, then move z armies to a territory.

Here are card transportation rules:

You can exchange a Sand Buggy card for 4 steps movement of up to 3 armies only across land you own. ( 1 territory only, they must all must move to and from the same spot). You can not travel through enemy territory even if you ended in a territory of your own.

You can exchange an Ornithopter for 4 steps movement of up to 4 armies across your and enemies territories ( 1 territory only, they must all move to and from the same spot). You can travel through enemy territory as long as you end in a territory of your own.

Please just edit your last post, as I will try to do the same.

Battle one - attacker wins with 4 armies

battle 2 - Attacker retreats at 2 armies

battle 3 - Attacker victorious with 3 armies left

battle 4 - Attacker retreats with 2 armies left.

Tranports 3 armies from from E5 to safety at F6. F6 now has 5 armies.

I will IM the next person with there card soon. Good turn!

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D1(4) - D2(1) R=2

attacker wins with 3 armies left, 1 army moves to D2.

(according to Bashars forumla on the comments thread)

D6(4) - D5(1) R=2

Attacker wins with 4 armies left, 2 armies move to D5

next player is

Duke Leto - Atreides, Black

has 7 territories, =2 armies plus one capital=

3 total armies to place.

everything is updated now.

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Off topic:Shouldn't this be in fanfic?

No, as it is a "other dune games" it is not fanfic as it is mathmatics and is a dune game, people dont describe what their commanders are doing or anything. Please post anything in the Dune Jihad Turn Comments and not in this thread as it is purely for players and me.

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