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Build up your base from scratch, kill the Harkonnen and Ordos outposts, defend against the series of massive Ordos tank rushes, and wipe out the entire big Ordos base in the *SPOILER*[hide]bottom left corner of the map[/hide] all in 20 minutes?

Wow shygirl4, you are amazing indeed. :O

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amazing I am , while you IxianMace are obviously not , I challenge you NewbieMace to a game ? GMT 9:00 p.m. 2 people off of here can watch , while i kill you ?

so mace how long does it take you to complete level 8 attredies 4 hours 5 , 6 ? or are you to embarrassed too say.

listen up newbies as I tell you how to complete level 8...

1/ put game speed on full

2/dont upgrade ur construction yard(its a waste of $)

3/ dont put concrete under buildings (only under wind traps)

4/dont build turrets of any kind (waste of $ and valubal time)

5/dont build a wall (waste of valubal time)

6/ dont build IX centre (waste of $)

7/dont build high tech factory (waste of $)

8/dont waste money on carryalls

9/build 3 heavey factories 3 light factories and 3 barracks(units build quicker with 3 factories)

10/with 1 heavey factory you can build 18 tanks in 3 minits , with 3 heavey factories you can build 36 tanks in 3 minits.(get the picture)

11/continually build refinaries and then sell them ( you only need 6 refs)

12/dont hide in your base attack quick (and kill the base bottom right first)

13/dont stop at 1 or 2 harvesters , aim for 70

14/dont forget build 3 heavey and 3 light factories (in 3 minits you can build 36 combat tanks and 45 quads that is more than enough units to wipe out a couple of AI bases)

15/ and remember with 3 heaveys and the game speed on full you can turn out 9 harvesters a minit.

if it takes you longer than 25 minits to complete this level , i wana know.

shygirl4 ???


P.S. 9:00 GMT IxianMace , ill be waiting :)

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I'm not embarassed to say how long it took me to finish this level at all, since the time taken to finish it really doesn't mean much to me, as far as how 'good' someone is, is concerned.

It took me at least 2 hours to finish it, obviously because I play the game on the default speed settings, and I built up my defences, put concrete under my buildings to prevent them from being degraded due to the harsh weather, and built walls, (just about everything you mentioned in your steps to complete this mission I did the opposite of, except for the rushing part).

Finally, about your challenge 'progirl4' ::), I'll have to decline that, since Dune 2000 online doesn't work for me, I have no interest in the community there, since they are so hostile in their attitude towards 'new' players, and I obviously would be no match for your 'elite' skills, since I'm just a 'newbie'. Therefore, it would be a waste of time, since we all know you would annihilate 'newbiemace' easily. :)

Well, you really are amazing shygirl4, I bow down to your godliness and sheer skill, the meek human that I am. ^_^

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hi IxianMace

you are quite right the dune2000 online comunity is quite hostile , there is more posturing and arguments on there than actual games , when i first joined the online comunity , no one would play me cos i was a newbie ??? and i got kicked from most of the games that i joined. well if you ever do get on line , look me up , im sure we can team up and kill the AI in a friendly game.

shy :)

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put concrete under my buildings to prevent them from being degraded due to the harsh weather

I'm posting this to dispel the myths of concrete. If you do not place concrete, what happens is that the building's damage level is halfway done. It does not go beyond that if it is not attacked. This does not affect any building capabilities except in the case of wind traps. If you repair the unconcreted building to full strength it will deteriorate to the halfway point again, but not beyond.

Windtraps need concrete, if they are damaged they put out less power. Build one 2x2 square of concrete, and place the top 2/3 of the windtrap on that square. You will have full power with no deterioration.

The only problem with having buildings at half strength is Atreides Air Strikes. To protect from air attacks, place 9 missle tanks in the path of the ornithopters, depending on the map and the spots where you build there shouldn't be more than a couple spots to defend. For Death Hand attacks it doesnt matter whether you use concrete or not a direct hit will kill most buildings.

The only good thing about concrete is it slows my opponents down.

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I challenge you NewbieMace to a game ? GMT 9:00 p.m. 2 people off of here can watch , while i kill you ?

I didn't know you could join an online game as an observer. Is this a common thing that's done. How do you do it? Is this a good way to learn strategy?

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