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  1. Here's another old site for you Mahdi http://lost.s5.com/lost.html
  2. As I said Scar, it depends on the rules that are being played, for example: "NERTHH" rules mean no rushing(no attacks for 8 minutes), and turrets are not allowed. I'm not sure what you mean by the "harvestor mowing the scout at refineries", the stealth raider cannot be run over. If you put it in the spot where the harvestor has to go to empty the spice then the harvestor will just stop and do nothing patiently waiting its turn to go to the refinery. As to you kicking my butt with your infantry, I have two words for you...SEIGE TANKS!!
  3. The speed allows you to move around the battle quicker-for example if someone pulls their forces a bit too far from their base I can move around him and get in(I like to destroy the refineries myself) and the only thing that they have to catch me are trikes. If I rush with combat tanks they die quicker if they are Ordos, but it is a sacrifice move to try to take out the spice production, the construction yard or just to create chaos. As for infantry passing usually when you are online people have their infantry exploring in the beginning and if I can slow my opponents spice production to half
  4. I used Ordos in the past mainly for the speed of the combat tanks, they do have the weakest armor but that makes the tanks the fastest, as fast as the Harkonnen quads. Also, I always enjoyed sticking my stealth raider in the opponents refinery to block the harvestors-if you block off some of the refineries but leave a little spice flow your opponent may not notice until too late.
  5. Hey People Has anyone run into a problem scrolling across the screen.
  6. zhahaman2001 When the game is running, select: OPTIONS>SETTINGS>MUSIC>STOP MUSIC the music will be off but the sound effects and voice warnings continue.
  7. Unfortunately, no; I have tried to speed all of the houses with multiple palaces and had no improvement. The same goes for the atreides air strikes.
  8. Timenn, good point about refire rate, I've never looked into that before but could be an advantage.
  9. the map i remember for this has my base in upper right and starport on right hand side of map towards the bottom.
  10. In the beginning don't worry about unit production except harvestors, infantry and troopers(for the rocks where the fremen come), get yourself to the point that you can produce rocket turrets, two refineries (build to 3 later when your defenses are strong) and a heavy factory upgraded to get seige tanks.
  11. Filecore That mission is hard in the beginning; to start, where you have your rocket turrets, I put mine beyond the rocks interlocking so that there is only one passage through on the top side above rocks.
  12. You got it right there! When I read the post I thought maybe he was misunderstood, maybe what he meant to say came out wrong, maybe he was implying that abortion on 40 month fetus was wrong. I followed the link and found Hitler's long lost son.
  13. DLAGhost

    Newbie Help

    Two questions: Do you have a purchased copy or a burned copy? Are you running the no cd crack? ghost
  14. Syczek I know that they would be able to play with you; my comment was only to remind people that you would be the only player that they could play with online-unless of course, everyone online uses your trainer. ghost
  15. Syczek Remember to remind people that if they install this, it will cause problems in their online Dune 2000 games, possibly causing "out of sync" errors. ghost
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