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Well I think you would be *much* better off just editing through note pad. It may seem challenging at first but you get the hang of it quite quickly. As for the best editor, I reslly have no idea, sorry (although in my opinion Notepad/Wordpad rules over all ;D).

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Yes, WordPad (that is what I use, better interface) shows you everything.

The Rules.txt is messed up, I mean all units are placed in strange orders. The the file is built this way:

General values

Declarations (all stuff needs to be mentioned here, before it works)


Armor types






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i would stay away from notepad, you run out of space in the document when you edit alot. use wordpad, editplus or notetab light. these are the best IMO. It gets very easy once you start. click on the index of important topics, then click on mod tutorials. you can find some stuff there. or go to editing.dune2k.com/documents.

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