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EBFD Fed2k Roleplaying Game Sign Up! (room for 2 more)

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I am wondering if there is any interest in participating in a forum role-playing game for Emperor: Battle For Dune?

I need 6 players to sign up here. The jist of the game follows:

I will present to you a map, and all 6 players will choose a place they want to put their "base". You will earn a set amount of income per day. YOu will each choose a house you want to play and get "turns" moving your units. Your turns will basically consist of Instant-Messaging me what you want to do. When I get all 6 players turns, I will then make them public and tell you the results and the winners of each battle will tell us in a fictional short narrative what happened!

(example: player A says "Move mino to location X", another guy player B tells me "move laser tanks to location X")- in this case I will then post the moves to the thread and IM to player B that he just killed a Mino and received a promotion for a laser tank. Player B will then describe to us all the bloody details of this battle and how his heroic laser tanks brought down the mighty Mino and his commanding officer promoted one for bravery and dedication.

I will figure out the specific rules of gameplay (I have some ideas), but I dont want to unless I know if ppl are interested. Integral in the game will be story telling, which is why it is in fan fic. It is a roleplaying story, yet there will be a winner, so it could be fun. What makes this a strategic game is that it will be fully moderated based upon your strategy. No unit dies without permission from me and/or my counsel. This means no crazy "God powers", so the war will actually be based on strategy and luck- and not some off-the-wall universal event bringing swift victory for a puny gas trooper who calls fire from heaven to reign down on the map and destroy everyone.

Yes, I will also need one person who will be my counsel as an extra referee who will help me in figuring out who wins each battle- that way we can all be assured that the results are fair. My counsel needs to be a veteran player of EBFD and have a full understanding of individual and unit groups strength/weaknesses. THink of us as your gamemasters.

Example: Player A sends in 3 buzzsaws and 3 sardaukar to a location. Player B sends in a Mino to same location. This fight could go either way. In this case me and my counsel will confer and based upon the IM's the players send us of their formation and anything else we can think of, we will determine a results.

if you want to play, just sign up below. you will need to be on the forum basically at least once a day if you sign up. the game may last a couple weeks- but i will make it so you will not need to be here more than once per day to play.

if enough ppl are interested, we can play the game, but if not, i wont bother developing it. ;)

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unfortunately, there will be no subhouses in the game. i have to do it this way to decrease the level of complexity. you will choose your house and be able to make any unit that house makes, but there will be no subs.

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Ok we have 7 people. I'll even accept one more, but 8 is the limit! I will develop the game tonight and post your first tasking and the rules of engagement (ROE).

The players will be:

Devils Advocate: Ordos

Vilgent: Atreides

Kazaaliteuser: Harkonnen

Earthnuker: Harkonnen

Zamboe: Atreides

Duke Leto: Atreides

Barbed-wire whipper: ???? (need a house from you.)

Room for one more player.

You may change your house so long as you do it before the game begins. Please post here if you wish to.

I also need a counsel who will assist me in determining battle results fairly.

Remember that at minimum, all players will have to visit the forum at least once per day and be willing to post creative 'mini stories' about the events that will unfold.

The ROE will be posted tonight, with your initial taskings. Good luck gentlemen!

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