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Yes it is rather annoying that Kazaa would go as far as to install crap like that. But as Gob said all you need is AdAware, and it detects/uninstalls it. But Kazaa made it so you would have to uninstall kazaa to get rid of it. There may be a loophole but I haven't found it yet. But for them causing lag is beyond me, don't know how or why they would do that.

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Yeah, I had a similar problem with a u2u program called bearshare.  It installed a program called "SaveNow!" that poppoed up ad windows every so often.  It was annoying as hell.  Try pressing ctrl+alt+delete and look for anything that doesn't belong there.  If you see anything, go to Start/Settings/Control Pannel/Add-remove programs and see if you can uninstall it from there.

If not, kill kazaa and get some other u2u share program like morpheus or limewire.

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oh oh... i had same problem with that.. I installed Kazaa... and i wanted to open a picture, what happened? it took about 2 minutes before it worked... and that happened with multiple things...

I couldn't even start configurations for windows...

what did i do? (well a bit rash but still), I deleted windows and reinstalled it... I was not sure if it was kazaa wich caused the problem so i re-installed it.... aargh.. big mistake.... another re-install...

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tell me

whats spyware ?

and can you tell me what progras might be it...

i got this in my list : (ctrl alt del.)
















rundll 32 is spyware from MSN

Dw has much errors when windwos starts

i must thank nav

i must have listened to him

he told it to me about spyware

I am just a kid

can you forgive me elder ?

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NO!! Evil formatter.

Ad-Aware won't remove important files. Check them all, unless you know its a program you wan't any way. Delete them all. Kill them all. I don't know where I get them, but I always have about 100 copys of Brilliant Digital. I only ever come here and Hotmail and Wulfram though. So no idea.

So yes. Remove all those. Get Zone Alarm, that stops others. I improved my ping by 100 when going through Zone Alarm.

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Evil Formater.


But, you will still probably re-download them again, if you don't know what they are.

Ad-aware and Zone Alarm is best.

Just turn of KaZaA in the sys tray, that gets rid of it. It won't take bandwidth.

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i'm 12 years old so first of all

whats a format ?

and is it possible any of them is spyware ?

my knowledge of the computer is limited

it might be far above the average of my schoolm8s but still...

i dont know shit compared to you guys

and i got spyware

better go to the link nav gave me...

try hemping pls

btw : i dunno why but my emp version is actif again

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refomating is eraceing your hard drive and then u would have to re install everthing you need to do that at lest once ever 2 years in my opinyun

say that reminds me on an old comp there was a prog called "pt snoop" only seen it when i pressed Ctrl Alt Delete wonder what it was ??? my best Guess then was the gov put some spy stuff on ppl comps ??? :O :(

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Format: Entirely clear your Hard-Drive

then you have to re-install everything. Do this only when your computer starts acting really funny. ;D

Spy-Ware: Programs that access your band-width to send information to it's superiors in washington.

Ad-Aware: Finds and destroys Spy-Ware.

Zone Alarm: For the few peices of Spy-Ware that are needed to run, like bde in KaZaA, zone-alarm stops them from working.

Zone Alarm stops anything you don't want to access the internet, from accessing it. Removed 100 from my ping it did.

Never have KaZaA running in the back-ground. Only use it when you are doing nothing else.

When you want to do something, go down to your Task-Bar, in the bottom right corner, there is a box called your system tray. Right click on the KaZaA icon, and click close.

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Ever since I got XP, I had to upgrade my HD, to a 40 GB, yay ;D ;D. I used to only have an 8. Pray for my sole.

I used Partition Magic, and had to start re-installing Programs over to E:. So I made the rule, that i'd keep every installation package I ever get. So when I format, I can just re-install them all. But, first I need a CD-RW, so I can actually get these setups of the computer.

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Why does most people think formatting is evil ? IMHO, you NEED to format every now and then (I always format my pc once every 6 months). Just try this out.. if you have not formatted your C drive for more then a year, try formatting it. I can assure you, you will see a performance increase, due to the fact that all crap has gone. Also, you will notice that most programs you won't even re-install, cause you've realized that your (almost) not use them anyways..

Hence why I only have Windows on my C drive and all other programs on another (to be more specific, my games have their own harddrive)..

My advice, format every now and then, it'll keep your comp in tiptop shape..

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Yes, if you have partitioning, it's fine. I have got new partitions.

But I have this great program that does the same effect as formating.

It gets ride of all dead end registry codes, looks for duplicates, and everything like that. It's great. I used it once and my computer tripled in speed.

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