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Mahdi: lol. I thought you had this already. Oh well. I'll be sure to let you know if I see any more.

TMA: No, I don't have all of Herbert's stuff. The only non-Dunes I have are The Dosadi Experiment, Eye, and an interesting thing called Five Fates, which is five short stories - one by Frank, and another by Harlan Ellison (one of my favourite authors) - based on the same general idea. I'd like to get a copy of Man of Two Worlds, as I've read it before and really enjoyed it. Do you have Mr. Herbert's computer guide, Without Me, You're Nothing?

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My Dune books:

Dune: Bought it for 25 cents from the library becasue it was falling apart. Lent it to a friend. It fell apart. Thrown out.

Dune MEssiah: Stolen.

House Atreides: Bought (paperback, on sale)

Dune: Bought this september, a gift to myself beggining university.

Dune Encyclopeadea: Stolen (kinda. That's debatable.)

In another day or two when I feel up to it, I'm gonna send you an IM so we can discuss something concerning this new book of yours.

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I have this list:


Dune Messiah

Children of Dune

God Emperor of Dune

Heretics of Dune

Chapter House Dune


Destination:Void (My favorite by Frank)

The Jesus incident

The Lazerus Effect


Whipping Star (Another favorite)

The Desadi Experament

The Ascension Factor


The God Makers

The Heaven Makers

Direct Decent

Eyes of heisenberg

The White Plague

I also have all of Kevin and Brian's prequels and the DE.

Not all of frank herbert's books. But a lot of em! :)

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The Whtie Plague, I loved the first 1/3, hated the 2/3 and absolutly loved the 3/3. The middle was so long-winded, boring, and overdone. The rest was the usual brilliance you'd expect from Herbert.

Man of Two Worlds I just plain disliked.

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whoa your right.

Destination: Void

Jesus incident

Acsention Factor


Whipping Star

The Desadi Experament

Lazerus Effect

you are right. may I suggest two of the best books besides Dune?

Read Whipping Star. It is amazing and you wont be able to put it down. It is extremely intelligent and actually a challenge to follow at times. It isnt fake though. It really is deep.

The God Makers. The book is just plain nuts. IN a good way of course. It is very very good.

I have to add one more great one. Destination:Void

As a matter of fact, read all of the pandora trilogy.lol

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Hehe, I think you made another mistake. From what I understand, it goes like this:

The series with Ship

Destination: Void (like the Hobbit: You don't have to read it to understand it's sequels)

The Jesus Incident

The Lazarus Effect

The Ascension Factor

The series involving Jorj X. McKie, BuSab, etc

The Whipping Star

The Dosadi Experiment

two short stories from Eye.

Anyway, I'm about 25 pages from finishing the Dosadi Experiment. It's really good, but it's difficult to follow because of it's complexity (as you said with the Whipping Star).

I really want to read Destination: Void and it's series, but I can't find it anywhere. I went on a quest last time I was in Ottawa. I must have checked 3/4 of the used bookstores in the city, and I could only find The Lazarus Effect and the Ascension Factor (neither of which I bought for some reason. I guess I had a brain fart or something).

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Hehe, I dont know the order. I only finished Whipping star and part of Desodi. I need to actaully READ all of them. I have only read half. I got these books about 2 months ago so it takes me a while with school and whatnot.

By the way vanguard, I have read my copy to death, if you want I can send you mine. I do it out of the love of my favorite book. I would be more than happy to send it to you. Its the revised version that frank herbert did to perfect it. Its better than the original. He made just the right adjustments. I have been waiting for somebody to talk to about this book. I would totally be willing to send it to you. just tell me if you want to. :)

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My Dune collection:

-Dune paperbacks 1-4 in a boxed set (American brown cover)

-Heretics and Chapterhouse in the new reprinted version

-the Dune Encyclopedia

-HA, HH, and HC (HC is an advanced reader's copy - I read it a month before it came out in stores! :D)


-Eye (incl. The Road to Arrakeen)

-National Lampoon's Doon

-the Dune comic book (based on Lynch's film)

In about two weeks, I'll also have the Illustrated Dune (with those pictures by John Schroenherr) and Songs of Muad'Dib.

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My Dune collection (book-wise)


Children of Dune

Dune Messiah

God Emporer of Dune

Heretics of Dune

Chapeterhouse: Dune

House Atreides

House Harkonnen

House Corrino

The Butlerian Jihad


The Green Brain


I would dearly love to have the encyclopedia.. but I can never find it at a price I can actually afford being a student.

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hmm I have heard of the green brain, what is it like?

Also on a second note to you guys who know, isnt the Eye cover the best frank herbert cover? it is mine. Well that was pointless info for you guys.lol

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So chani what aspect of Dune do you like(other than books as I see you have them all). do you like the games? movies/miniseries?

board games/memoriabilia?

I like all of the above except I dont have any board games/memorabilia(although me and others are coming up with board game...see my sig.)

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