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A Short (Controversial) Story


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*Chapter 1  The Murder*

"We continue our report about a tragic murder earlier this evening," said the reporter on the local news as Tia walked in.

Needless to say this caught her attention, especially since she had just walked home.  She sat down thinking who it my be.  

"Police say that this symbol," continued the reporter holdingh up a card," is witchcraft related.  Currently speculation is that this may be a ritual killing and if police are correct it will be the first of many."

That sent Tia's mind reeling, she knew all the witches around here and they ould never do that.

"The man has just been identified as Edward Chance, while we can find nothing but a name, police have confirmed his body.  His past is unknown to us, but we can tell you he was found half a mile from his car in the dumpster behind Burger Universe," droned on the reporter.

The door slammed open and in came Tia's mom, Penny followed by Detective Thomas who was heading the investigation.


"Now Mrs. Smith," began Detective Thomas.

"IT'S MS. SMITH.  I'M DIVORCED," skrieked Penny.

"Ms. SMith.  Please calm down.  She can be innocent until proven..."


Tia couldn't stand it any more.  She had to have her say.

"WILL YOU TWO LET ME TALK.  I WANT TO BE QUESTIONED IF IT MEANS YOU TWO WON'T BE SCREAMING YOUR F*CKING HEADS OFF," screamed Tia, and then in a calmer voice she said," at least that is what I assume he's here to do."


Tia went into the kitchen and poured her mother some coffee, and then took a hidden bottle of pills out from behand the sink pipes and popped one of the pills into the coffe.  It was a sedative.  She took it into her mother who was screaming at the detective and leaned close to him as her mother drank it down and whispered," sedative."

Her mom passed out.

"Start with your questions please," said Tia calmly slipping into her recliner.

"You know what you did was illegal," asked Detective Thomas quietly as he sat on the couch.

"Would you rather she still be screaming?"

"Point taken, I'll keep it out of my report.  Where were you earlier thi night?"

"At Burger Universe where i work."

"Have you seen this man," said the Detective pulling a picture from his pocket, on it was Edward Chance.

"On the news and at work earlier in the drive thru, he broke a hundred for a small meal."

"THen you are aware that he was found dead in your workplace's dumpster?"


"Because you worked earlier tonight, you know you are a suspect?"

"I know," said Tia solemnly as the sound of bullets pierced the night.

"DOWN," shouted Detective Thomas as he shoved Tia and himself down to the floor by Tia's mom.

Bullets shattered windows and put holes in the walls.  Fine china, the television screen, and the computer monitor shattered.  

Finally the gunshots stopped and Thomas went over to one of the larger bullets holes in the wall.  He saw several people, dressed in black form head to toe, putting guns back in their jackets.  They climbed back into the car, almost as one.  Then shut the doors and rolled down the window and threw a grenade.

He watched from inside the house, in horror as the grenade rolled under his squad car and exploded, engulfing the car in flames.

(Well how did you like the first chapter and prologue.  Next chapter we find out more about chance.  Meet the Mothers Against Witchcraft (M.A.W.), bring in new characters, including Detective Thomas's daughter Amy.  Have a school shooting that ties into this murder, and find out what type of gun was used in the drive by... oh and a lot of other stuff too...)

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(Well here is chapter 2.  It is entitled "Hell Hath No Fury Like A Witch Scorned.")

"Don't worry about it," said Tia's boss on the phone," take all the time you need off."

"Thanks," said Tia distractedly, acting sick.  The PD was trying to keep the shooting as quiet as they could.  Tarps covered the house as if it were under construction and as far as the neighbors knew the car in the driveway had blown up by a misthrow cigarrette into an open gas cap.  Also the gunshots were merely a truck backfiring, a lot.  Amazing how the wish not to believe something can help.

"Well have you figured out who did it," asked Tia, her mom still sedated, thank God.

"These rounds are from a military M-16," said Thomas sleepily, having had no sleep in the past 24 hours.

"Don't they have terrorists to kill?  Why  on Earth would they want to shoot my house up," Tia questioned angrily.

"Beats me."

She walked out of the house with her bookbag, maybe school would be boring enough to calmh er down.  On the way there she ran across her friend Kate and they began to walk together.

"Hi kate," said Tia, trying to seem cheerful.

"Hello," said Kate, upbeat.

"Why are you so happy?"

"I'm gonna get back at those cheerleaders and band guys."

"How," frowned Tia.

"This," siad Kate pulling a subgun from her purse, one rigged with a lot of ammo.

Tia just gaped openmouthed, they kept walking in silence and arrived soon at the band and cheerleading practice field.  

Kate pulled the gun and everything seemed to go into slow motion.  Kate pulled the trigger, red began to blossom on the white and purple uniforms of the cheerleaders.  Tia dove into Kate, knocking the psycho student down, the gun still hammering away.  Members of the marching band began to go down in bloody heaps alongside the dead cheerleading squad.

Tia felt a bullet bite into her thigh and Kate threw her off.  Two of Tia's friends rushed from behind to help, one was Amy Thomas (incidently the daughter of our favorite Detective, she's a Christian) and Julia Mohatara (an Islamic girl, note how both these religions officially condone murder, and how both hate witches usually.).  

Amy tackled Kate who was getting up, and then Julia held her down and Tia pried the still firing gun from Kate's fingers.  (K, it'll cut off much more so I'm gonna post a new message)

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Kate used her anger to put on one last burst of strength, she threw them all off of her and squeezed Tia's hand to trigger her gun.  Kate's head exploded in blood, bone fragments, and brain matter, which covered the three girls.

It was hectic after that, EMTs, the Police, the local FBI Field Office, and most media groups had people there, don't forget about the frantic parents.  

"It is the worst school shooting in the history of the world as we continue our coverage of the Tin Town High School Massacre," began the RNN reporter," THe three young ldies being questioned by Police behind me apparently stopped the shooter, but not soon enough..."

It was later that day when things went from bad to worse.  

"We continue our coverage of the horrible massacre committed by Kate Henstridge.  We got to know more about her in our background checks and it seems she recently got into WItchcraft, the most evil thing in the world.  Her attitude completely changed after that," began the reporter, and then he tilted his head," it seems we are about to switch views so that you all may see a speech by the M.A.W. or Mothers Against Witchcraft."

THe camera shifted views to the M.A.W. meeting hall in D.C.

"Welcome to the meeting for the Mothers Against Witchcraft, we intend to show you today why this is just another sign that Witchcraft is corrupting and destroying the youth of the World.

Not just destroying their bodies but also their souls.  This corruption of our children must stop no matter the cost.  

We must stop this worship of Satan.  There are only two types of religions, that which praises God and those that are demonic (believe it or not I got that line off a guy who chewed me out after a speech on WItchcraft at a Christian retreat).  And Witchcraft falls under the demonic column, most definitely," began the M.A.W. Spokeswoman.

In the Smith's living room Tia, her leg bandaged, sat disgruntled.  Her friends were sitting on either side of her, all drained by the day's events.  Amy merely shook her head at the bigotry, Julia frowned, and Tia flipped the station.

"I do not f*ucking worship Satan," said Tia rather loudly.  (Thanks for that line Sallia.)

"YES YOU DO," screamed her mother fromt he other room.

Then the doorbell rang and Tia limped over to the door,and opened it.  Detective Thomas handed her a note and left quickly, the note read," Ran ballistics on bullet fromy our thigh.  Not froms ubgun, traced to CIA sniper rifle registered to edward Chance, our dead guy."

(Planning 2 more chapters, hoped you all enjoyed Chapter 2.  Chapter three is "The Partner")

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*giggle :'( *sniffs* Galaxy-chan, I am so proud! You used my quote in your story! ^____^ YAY! *giggles* For some odd reason, this story reminds me of the paranoia and ignorance of my city... Can you email the second chapter to me, by the way? When I have kids, I'm going to read this to them to show them about how people think Wicca and the Old Religions are evil.. Funny, is it not, that they existed before Christianity, which, in our terms, was merely a cult at that time? ^^ If it had more love and not so much fear, I wouldn't be so pissed about it.. Keep it up, chica! By the way... *snickers* I've told all my friends about you and the camp-speech thing.. You've made us all proud! (And gave us a little laugh or two.) By the way.. o.O That guy that gave you the speech is annoying as he!l !! Stand proud against him! o.O MWUHAHAHA!


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Sorry THR had to delate his post. It was the second time he posted it and the second time i have taken it away  >:(. For the last time this is not the place for that. Go to the relgion thread. Stop doing that or i will be forced to do stuff. I dont know why he registered again. He could have just changed his name.

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be quiet. it was an accident that I deleted myself,okay? >:(

I will not make that post again, but it seems you are letting everyone else post there opinions here. ::)

and yes, I am the gilamobster, and it is spelled with a g.

By the way, I am what was once known as yoshi13 if you do not already know.

( i wont tolerate spamming. use the modify button.) -ex

(Spelling, the joo instead of you was screaming in my face.)-O45

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Ok, now because of the board not liking me to post this onto the old message. my Author's note.  Yes there was a conspiracy brewing, Sallia tohught it was a Christian Plot which sort of helped write Tia and Livia's confrontation.  As you can see, I don't write happy endings, I can't it would ruin my reputation.  (ok so occasionally on a story for English, but even then the happy endings are only bittersweet.)  Anyhow, there is a deeper meaning to this story, different religions who hate each other's guts usually can help each other, and can be friends.  Look at it, a Christian, a Muslim, and a Witch.  Three classic religious enemies throughout history, are friends, working together to stop a greater evil...and failing.  Well thanks anyhow for reading.

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