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Today's look on Fremen

Caid Ivik

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As nowadays is world spread by anti-arabic hate for their terroristic attacks, I was thinking how it would change our view on Fremen. I think worm "Fremen" is based on "free", without any hard connection to ruling power. Disobeying authority, Herbert's own Hippies. Then led by one powerful converted leader - Muad'Dib (what means mouse, so there is a sign that he could be any, non strategic person) - they defeated main culture and brought their own to universe causing apocalyptic djihad. I see many relations between Herbert's Fremen and today's terroristic groups, especially in Palestine. What would we do, when old, now pacifistic leader Arafat (Kynes?) dies and terror groups will seek for new, young and hasty, such as Muad'Dib? And when they'll find him?

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spooky does saddoms secret police have weirding moduales too? oh nop hte US is attackign iraq and iraq has only 500 warrior verses the USs 50,000

CHAAA!! CHAAA!!! CHA!!!!CHAA!!!! now its 500 iraqis verse 20 amerivans

lol that'll be hte day :D

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Brief information about the Zensunni Wanders

2800 Elrood V gives Poritrin, third planet of Epsilon Alangue, to House Maros. Siridar Charles Baron Mikarrol, planetary governor of Terra, sends two million ZENSUNNI to Poritrin, beginning the Zensunni Migration.

4492 Poritrin is given to House Alexin, and the Sardaukar are sent to remove the Zensunni, sending five million to BELA TEGEUSE and five million to Salusa Secundus.

5295 Ezhar VII releases the Zensunni on Salusa Secundus, sending them to ISHIA, second planet of Beta Tygri.

6049 Zensunni on Bela Tegeuse are transported again, with the majority send to Harmonthep, and the remainder to ROSSAK, the fifth planet of Alces Minor.

7193 Zensunni on Rossak buy passage to ARRAKIS from the Spacing Guild. By this time, all Zensunni from both Ishia and Rossak have reached Arrakis.

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