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Hi guys,

having some trouble setting up DUNE 2000 between two computers.

Can see both players, can start a game but then when the other person goes to join..i get the error THERE HAS BEEN A PROBLEM WITH YOUR NETWORK YOU MAY TRY AGAIN.

i have tried new cards, new cable,have ipx and tcp set up and is ok for sharing internet and browsing each computer but cannot get dune to work...hheeelllppp ..pllllleeeaasseee :'(

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make sure you have the IPX protocol installed on both machines.

EDIT: to do so, go to network and dial-up connections, right click on your LAN network icon, click properties. On the box that pops up click install, then double click Protocol and choose the IPX protocol.

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has anyone got a full on resolve to this?

i have looked for the rotorz patch and not been able to find it and i may not even need it.

ive got a 98 machine and an xp, both with ipx installed. 98 is running the spawned version with a cross over connection - no router, hub, nothing.

let me know if this issue was ever resolved. and what does the rotorz patch do ?

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