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The Third World War


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Ok here we go now.

in 2030. Ten years after America won the long faught war on terror. New Research in hydrogen fuel cells have made oil a old coin. The (united democratic arab emmerites) UDAE lost nearly all of its econemy as hydrogen fuel cells became more widespread.

The united states stil exists as a nation. Yet not as a free one. 62 year old bush still sits in the white house. in 2007 he deposed of the senet and house. calling them "infected by terrorist propoganda." As the new election aproched. Bush had the running candiates secretly assinated and blamed it on terrorist action. and used it as a springboard to launch a invasion into Iran. UN suport was removed as the delcared that it went to far.

Bush acused the UN of falling to terroroist demands and retracted the united states from NATO and the UN.

Iran Fell to america and in 2020. after holding out for over 13 years.

UN begain imposing sancations and bloacades against america. US destoryers engaged Brisish ships off the coast of main. sinking them.

Britten and there commen welth declared war on america in 2029. Germany, France, Denmark,Sweeden,Norway,Finland. and the rest of the European Union also declared war(russia delcared its nuetrality as it still tryed to save its colapsing econemy). Americas Raminstein airforce base was taken by german forces in late augest.

Comunist China. And north Korea. Both sensing the turns of change against america. Launched a 3 million man invasion of The republic of south korea. American and south korean forces are holding barely.

Seoul has been evacuated.

Ok basicly. you can play a solder, a piliot, a tank driver ect. but you cant have a rank above that of Captin. You can fighy on either side of the war front. as a american. south korean. North Korean. Chinease. Or any faction of the european union.

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Without warning my kid broke out crying. It was as if I was attending my own funeral.

"I must do it Liza, it is my duty to the Corps," I said holding back the tears.

"But this is a world war baby, what am I going to do without you for the rest of" Liza tried to say, but couldn't stop crying, and the idea of being alone terrified her.

"Don't say that honey, I will be back after 6 months, that is what my CO told us all. 6 months and the war will be over." I pleaded, brushing Danny's hair.

Behind me the hummer continued to groan as it waited, and I kissed my kid and wife and ran to my hummer before I could say goodbye, and I couldn't bare to say goodbye. I drove off and saw my wife running after me bawling, I kept driving as a tear slid down my cheeck.

10 minutes later I arrive at my base, my MOS was chosen by me which was rare, and I would receive final training before shipping out this morning to South Korea.

"6 months my ass," I said as I drove up to the sentry gate and pulled out my id.

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k i'll be in

" I have to do it Sharon!"-me

"No you dont you'll just get killed!"-sharon

"I'll only be gone 6-12 motnhs ok? they need copper pilots and i just need to do this"

( um is luitenanat below captian?) liuetenant Scytale leaves his house in his black skyline, in hte trunk were his gear and his antique mp5. I drove my Skyline to the gates of the German base in Pasedena. "Keep my car safe gunny Brent"-me

"Yes, SIr!"-brent

'jesus I'm gonna be in South Korea for F*cking forever, why the hell dont htey want me fighting in LA? its only 10 goddamn miles away?'

I get into my flight gear and stare at my photo of Sharon (shes my wife) "Jesus shes gonna have a baby in 7 months and I wont be htere to see her for about 2 years"

"sir time ot ship out your headed for Korea"

"Yes. sir"

"you'll be flying a Night Wyrm dropping troops, not the usual Scarab"

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(OOC: Call me a glutton for punishment. I've just started my first semester of college, I have about 3 writing assignments I really need to get to, not to mention all the other stuff going on in my life right now, but no...I've got to play another fan fic game ;) BTW, the rank "Captain" is equal to "Colonel" in the US Navy...Just thought you would like to know :) )

Leiutenant 1st Class Pierre Pinayoj of the South Canadian Secret Police looks over his newest assignment.

"The Queen has ordered all Canadian military personel into action. Your mission is one of simple, if high importance, and requires the utmost of covert and guerilla training.

"You must go to the SCSP Armory and load a truck with high-yield explosions, nerve gas canisters and small arms. You will then camoflauge the truck to resemble a Canada's Best Wheat Products grocery van, and deliver your goods across the US border to British sympathizers.

"If discovered, you must eliminate all all traces of Canadian and British paraphenalia. This mission must succeed.

"God be with you.

"God bless the Queen."

Leiutenant Pinayoj then folds the paper and rises from his bed.

"I suppose I'd better get goin' aboot it, then."

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[first i want to say LOFL! bush taking over the world, it's just what i imagined he'd do]

EDIT - oh yeah, i'm with the Americans and i'm a F-24 Zephyr pilot.

Sergeant First Class Ryan Zyler fell out of his bed when the alarm rattled his brain at 4 AM on Saturday morning. He got up, looked at the clock, then asked himself, 'What the hell am i doing here?'

It was the same routine day in day out. Wake up at 400, Breakfast at 530, training from 600 - 1200, lunch, more training until 1800, dinner, more training until 2100 when he went to sleep. It was a tiresome life and Ryan often questioned the meaning of the war.

He looked out his frost covered window and saw a few lights blinking on and off again. A F-24 Zephyr took off from the East Ramp, rattling a few windows and scaring a few soldiers. Ryan pressed his head up against the window and sighed.

"Why the hell are the doing those damned practice runs this early in the morning?" he mumbled under his breath. He stumbled his way into the bathroom and got ready for the day. As usual, the food in the cafeteria tasted terrible. It was one par with a infant's mush, and that was giving it too much credit. After managing to actually eat his morning meal he stepped into the Briefing Room.

He sat down in an empty chair he found and gazed at the ceiling. "I wonder what kind of dumbass recon mission I'll be doing today. Not like anyone actually has the balls to attack us. We'd just kick the shit outta them...God i'm so bored right now." he thought to himself. Just then, the door opened...

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Lt. Pinayoj arrives at the armory the next morning, badge in hand.

"Pierre! Great to see you man, so, how's the job treating you?" asks a young man named Johnny Doubtins, in a perfect American accent.

"Pretty well, Lieutenant," replys Pierre, with sarcasm in his voice and a very serious look on his face.

At first, Johnny looks a little surprised, then he starts chuckling, "Yep, you were always the jokester in Training."

"Aye, and you fell for them, every time!" laughs Pierre.

"So," says Johnny, reverting to a more serious tone, "What orders from London?"

Pierre nods, back to his gameface once again, and gives Johnny a list of his requirements.

"...And one Canada's Best Rice Crisps cereal box, rigged with killer gas." Johnny nods and says, "Alright then. This'll take a bit, so take a load off." He points at a small sofa, "There's a few Covert Digest on the coffee table, I know how you like them."

"'k," says Pierre, "Thanks a ton."

"Anything for an old college buddy!" replies Johnny as he leaves the room.

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"ALL RIGHT WERE AT SEOUL!" cried 1st class lietunant Ryan "NOW REMEMBER NSDQ!" "Yes, SIR!"

Welcome to seoul lietenat Scytale, oyu'll start today getting your gear and. . .what the hell is that" said colonal kerrek pointing ot my mp5

"an mp5 sir"

"well I guess you can use it just hurry up and get your gear and then your bird check"

"Yes, Sir"

"Well if it isn't Ivellious Scytale of the Night Stalkers" said Sargeant Arthas (I kno its from wc3 but had to think of a name)

"Arthas you sick bitch why are oyu stationed here?"

"Im flying Scarab gunships not Night Wyrms like you"

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(OOC: The Queen will probably be dead in 28 years and the current heirs are all male. Also its generaly God Save the Queen).

Meanwhile at RAF Hereford, UK

"Corporal, get in here now" shouted a Captain.

"Yes sir" Corporal Tyson replied and upon entering he saw his staff Sergeant and Lieutenant.

"Your squad is going to Canada tomorrow. You will be joined by the a squad of Royal Marines and a division from the Terretorials a week later. You will be preforming recon, aiding the Canadian Army and launching raids on air bases. Any questions?"

"Yes sir what weapons will we be issued with and will we have air support" the Sergeant asked.

"GPMGs, SA80s and a few MP5s. And yes you will have air support if not from the CAF then from the Eurofighters we are sending with the TA (Terretorial Army). Anything else? No, then dismissed".

The next day Hercules transport planes land in Canada and the SAS men report to the High Command there.

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(OOC: She may not be. With the recent growth of the use of human growth harmones, and the focus given to geriatric care, it may be very well she lives on for a good while.)

As Pierre aproaches the Border Patrol waystation, his hand moves slowly down the side of his right leg, past his service revolver...past his Canadian army knife, past his secondary pistol and boot-knife to the floor of the van.

He brings up, slowly, carefully, what appears to be a box of Canada's Best Rice Crisps cereal and places it gingerly in the seat beside him.

When he reaches the border guard, the guard walks up to his truck and says, "Drivers liscence and trading liscence, please."

Pierre opens his mouth, "Oh, hello officer! How good to see you this fine morning."

The guard looks up at the Canadian and says, "Indeed, liscences please."

Pierre chatters on while he seems to go through his bill-fold, finally he picks up the cereal box, and says, "Why officer, you have been ever so helpful! How about some cereal to take back home? Canada's Best -- Explosively good!"

But the officer's attention is elsewhere. A few cars up, another guard has been taken hostage by a muslim driver.

As the other car occupents begin exiting the vehicle, the officer with Pierre drops down on one knee and starts shooting.

The other muslims also pull out thier weapons and begin firing back.

Capitalizing on the moment, Pierre gingerly drops the cereal box, pulls out his service revolver and dons his gas-mask in one move. He then fires a single shot at the guard, killing the man instantly, and steps on the accelerator.

Well, that went easily enough. thinks Pierre to himself.

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streams of bullets hailed down on the NC 30 caliber machine guns as the chopper passed over head all the vegitation had been torn to pieces by the 4 mini-gun turrets and 2 22mm gatling guns.( the 4 minis are maned by 2 guners by remote and 2 22mm are maned by copilot, the 22 are in forward position with 45 degree turn radius) finally hte massive chop came to a hover and 4 ropes fell down after wards 16 soldiers slid down from them.

"alright drop complete time to head back to base"

"whats our next flight?"

"Resupply of a tank division"

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(OOC: Please keep racial slang to a minimum, please. "Chinks", no matter how it's used, could be considered a racist statement, thanks.)

Pierre races down the street before finally getting a grip on himself and pulling over.

Killing a man, no matter how well you are trained, is emotional business.

After sitting for a moment and catching his breath, Pierre puts the truck into drive and moves on.

"...And the first place on the list is..."

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