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what is Arafel?


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My limited fantasy shows me a Death Star. Total weapon able to destroy universe. Remember as Muad'Dib warned from cold war between Landsraad, CHOAM and the Guild? When Leto came, he crushed this system and brought everything to his hands. Ix was working on something, which could be equal to this stability system. That would end his reign. He wanted to prevent Ix lords becoming a new imperial dynasty.

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Arafel: The cloud darkness at the end of the universe.

Was LetoII fear that if he abandoned the Golden Path the humanity would die out. Ergo the only alternative was the prison of Sandtrout flesh and a 5,000 year rule of fear and despotism to crush the human soul and expedite the “Scattering”.

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But Arafel was a material thing. Leto was also thinking about banning all destructive weapons, such as laserguns. He feared Ix hasn't stopped with weapons development, and is close to final doomsday machine, which he has seen in some visions. Paranoia, but as he felt like a "god", it was over whole "his" mankind. It's meaning is like in Capek's book Krakatit.

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[source at : http://www.bib-arch.org/bswb_BR/bro98storm.html]

"Even though Deuteronomy and Exodus use some of the same climatic terms, the vocabulary is applied differently, so that the same words bear very different meanings. For example, both accounts speak of clouds by using the Hebrew terms 'anan, "cloud," and 'arafel, "cloud, fog, thick darkness."(8) In Exodus the 'arafel can be approached by Moses, and God is found within it (Exodus 20:21);the 'anan covers the mountain (Exodus 24:15,16,18). (This 'anan seems to be related to the pillar of cloud that accompanied the Israelites in their wanderings.) In Deuteronomy, however, 'anan and 'arafel mean "darkness." They seem to have no substance and are never described in physical terms as descending or covering, or as being approached or entered.** The absence of a cloud signifying a divine physical presence below the heavens is in keeping with Deuteronomy's overriding theological view."


also, there is that note on the same webpage...

See Chaim Cohen, "The Basic Meaning of the Term 'arafel, 'Darkness,'" Hebrew Studies 36 (1995), pp. 7-12.


found here: http://www.arkane.demon.co.uk/WOTFAQ/3_sources/3.13_countries.html

Arafel: Arafel seems to be similar to Saldaea in that it seems to evoke certain peoples of the Black Sea and Asia Minor region. The horse culture of these peoples is alluded to by the fact that Arafellin are said "to love their horses like children." Also, the capital city of Arafel is Shol Arbela. Arbela was a regional capital of the Persians, a place of military historical significance (Alexander defeated the Persian Emperor, Darius III, there). Also, the name might be an allusion to Amrafel, who was the king of "Shinar," which was a biblical name for the lands ruled by Babylon. See Saldaea.


And there: http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/precedents/daud/daud1n.html

[Arafel] "The name was submitted as invented by C.J. Cherryh (in The Dreamstone). However, the name there was used only by an elf (the last living one in that world), and hence not suitable for humans. The purported derivation by Cherryh of Arafel from Aoibheil seems extremely unlikely. And although the two themes of the name, 'ara' and 'fel', appear in Searle's Onomasticon Anglo-Saxonicum (pp. 72 and 240, respectively), the fact that they appear without any examples of their use in actual names (and that they are not in his extensive list of themes on pp. xv-xix) makes them suspect, to say the least. (Searle seems to indicate that '-fel' may be a misreading of '-wulf', and 'ara' revers the reader to 'Haraldus', where it is more clearly not a protheme.)" [the name was returned] (LoAR 3/91 p.7).


I've also found that, but, that seems to have no links at all :) lol


Much-loved BBS that used to run on the computer network at the University of Sheffield. Ran for five years or so, since the beginning of the 1992/1993 academic year.

It's been said that if it were a car it'd be held together by five years of respray jobs.

Arafel was originally written in the Modula 2 language by Stuart "TheCube " Herbert, Steve "Laze" Beynon and James "Cynical" Ward. Apparently it was named after a mythical land in Robert Jordan's Wheels Of Time saga, albeit indirectly.See also Derwent, Pebley[Astatine]

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