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LOL look at this


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I was checkin some stats on the ladders, and look what I found... This looks like DC cheating at its worst LOL

Dec 8, 02 FRX (75 pts) Plays PERVO (70 pts) 95941252

Dec 8, 02 FRX (75 pts) Defeats PERVO (70 pts) 95940049

Dec 7, 02 FRX (40 pts) Plays PERVO (78 pts) 95855491

Dec 7, 02 PERVO (78 pts) Plays FRX (40 pts) 95853878

Dec 7, 02 FRX (40 pts) Defeats PERVO (78 pts) 95850881

Dec 7, 02 FRX (0 pts) Plays PERVO (87 pts) 95850059

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seriously, that doesnt mean much. Its possible, but i doubt it. plus if he was DICONNECT CHEATING then the games would say HE won instead of saying WASH GAME because a d/c cheat is when u get the win when your opponent actually won.

its doesnt seems like a cheat but like a try !!!

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there is no "try". If u r trying to d/c cheat u either get the win or u get the loss. A wash game is not a cheat unless they have a way to wash it on purpose(and there is no way to do that unless you quit on someone in a 2 vs 2 bc match).

There is a possible way to wash a game:

Ctrl+Alt+Del and then disable connection. Or possibly the reset button.

That's probably how people d/c cheat

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Well I wasn't saying that is WAS DC cheating, but all the games were 2v2 matches.

And I know for one thing that if some1 quits a 2v2 bc it washes.

I have even seen that peeps quitted and we got the loss :-

But anyways I just thought it was kinda funny ;)

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It doesnt always wash.Yesterday when me n acidcraze played VS 2 other guys on a bc match,the guy called duneguy kept playing with his internet plug to annoy us by getting the kick popup every 10 secs and in the end when we were ripping him apart,he quit and when i check my clan's record,i saw [forgot what clan] DEFEATS UAE

and I lost quite a bit of points

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who gives a fuck, this game sucks now anyway.

anyway,if the game sucks,you shouldnt be in this forum or thread at all

this forum is not just for emperor. there are other parts of this forum besides EBFD. like a topic a little while ago, when ebfd eventually dies, the forum will still be here. and there are many people on this forum who don't even have EBFD, but come here for the other parts of the forum. he shouldn't be in the thread though.

but i agree with him. what is the point in posting stuff about someone who cheated you or someone that you saw cheating, etc. etc. Nothing will be done about it b/c ww doesn't support the game anymore. we COULD just have the public tell people not to play the person but there are also many people who do play the game but do not even know about fed2k.

i also agree with dezertfish. and i have for a long time ever since bilbo used to cheat with hobbtz. the point of attaining victory is the personal happiness. the fact that you know that you can beat almost anyone in the game. but when you cheat to get points then the satisfactory is not there.

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