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Emprworm's Riddle #17: Mess of Tokens


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*random profanities*


oh well, my last one was more polite in asking it but now i'm just peeved that i lost the post. basically it said i'm sorry for bumpin the thread. but emprworm, can you post some more riddles. you said you had a lot and i'm running out of riddles to post at my other forum. thanks 8)

(the reason i didn't just IM him about this was i thought others might want to do more as well)


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[hide]I will first turn one token upside down. That way at least I won't have to divide an odd number into two halves. I then have 138 or 136 blues, dependinc on if I made a blue red or a red blue. I might also count all the tokens by moving tokens to a separate space in the tent. I would then have no option, but to divide the two groups equally, by moving half of the tokens back to the first space, and hope that I get it right.[/hide]

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[hide]I'll put all the tokens together and be careful not to turn them around...then since there are 137 blue sides showing, I'll turn ONE of the tokens around and then I'll have 136 blue sides showing and then I'll put 68 tokens on each side and the one showing red can go either side. This way, both sides will have equal number of blue sides showing... :)[/hide]

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