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Victory, The Last Stand Of The Humans


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Ok, the year is 4,567, Earth has been destroyed by human kinds conflicts. A new planet called Yutok has been found and civilized. It is much like Earth, and humans have started conflicts on this planet. The posistions you can be are listed below, if you have a new one run it by me and let me ok it before you can be it. You are on the side refered to as the Rutisk, fighting the Huticks. These are both humans but you are the Rutisk.

Rules Are:

I say if theres going to be a major offensive

No God Modding

No Ridculous Posts

I tell you if your forces may move

No invisable crap

Alright you can be one of the following soldier, medic, sniper, tank driver, pilot, comp hacker, machine gunner, flame thrower or heavy gunner, squad leader, ship commander of crew for a ship.

Now you can have a small squad under your command or another characters. Or you can be your guy in large scale battles under one of the conditions below, plus you can be a Special ops team.

You may fight in these places:



Snow covered land






Let the fighting begin!

never post fan fic stories with that color font.

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Ok I'll be a pilot. 8) I guess since I'll be fighting in an aircraft there is no limit to what sort of terrain I have to fight in right? ??? I'll just be under the command of a squadron leader or something, I don't want to be leading a squad or anything like that. Just one question: What type of aircraft am I flying, and what does it feature (weapons, armor, speed, can it fly in space, etc etc?)

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Ok I'll be a pilot. 8) I guess since I'll be fighting in an aircraft there is no limit to what sort of terrain I have to fight in right? ??? I'll just be under the command of a squadron leader or something, I don't want to be leading a squad or anything like that. Just one what does it feature (weapons, armor, speed, can it fly in space, etc etc?)

question: What type of aircraft am I flying, and

Well, run by me what you want in a plane.

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the spires broke off from city buildings which caused shards of multi-glass to fall on hapless victems. Andrew Sanders and his squad of combat medics moved through the city, checking who needed attention first. Man after man called for a medic but only a few could be taken care of. zips passed through the air with such sustained thickness that Andrew called all men to find shelter. Andrew shot out his clips of ammunition, one that he had shot died before he hit the ground. The Rutisk army stormed past the defenses of the enemy and after few minutes of an almost continual fire fight, the Rutisk seemed to get the upper hand. they came out of where they hid. Andrew was about to check on his first sargent but saw a Hutick body. the man spoke through gurgling blood. He ran over to the dying enemy trying to help with all he had. Stim paks, heart stabilizers and coagulants. Nothing worked. The man's last words there were "why are you helping me?" His eyes glazed and grew empty. Andrew picked up what he had to move onto a new body. Hopefully able to be fixed. Though he was an enemy he was told to save and stabilize both Rutisk and Hutick. The skermish was put to an end a day later in that part of the city. The casualty rate though for the Hutick was staggering.

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Damon, leader of special operations team Blitz, commanded his forces to attack the Hutick base in the city of Radlen.

Damon was nervous. This team has never before performed a mission of this difficulty. They will have to go into the very heart of the enemy base and plant explosives to destroy the military vehicles and weapons inside.

Damon moved quickly, although he carried an incongruous submachine gun in his hands. The others followed him, filled with hope for their experienced leader.

The team was getting closer to the base, and the base defenses began to fire. Several of the soldiers fell on the ground, shot down by the machine guns. Damon knew what to do. He ran quickly, dodging the bullets for cover and then threw several grenades at the machine guns. The deadly killers exploded into pieces.

Damon signaled that the way was clear and team Blitz moved into the base.

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Commander Stonen wacthed the battle intently, the field medics were preforming better then even he had imagined. They ran around throughout the urban wasteland tending to those who could only truley tended to and live. He was about to depart the command room and join the conflict with his own personal squad of 12. Hoping he could meet up with the medics in the field he grabbed ammo clips in excess for his fellow men, getting his squad together he was soon to depart the protestion given by the large, think cement walls of the base. Taking a deep breath in, he gathered his squad together and was ready to depart.

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I'll be a sniper plus scout (needed in all cases), tell me if scouts are not allowed, in the city terrain. Isn't the city terrain same as urban?

damn you! i wanted to be a sniper. hey, wait a minute. don't snipers usually go in groups? ;D ;) How about it?

whoops. lol. i just saw this

A sniper with a spec ops team fighting in an urban enviroment.

i missed it b/c that guy pointing at me scared me away...oh well.

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Stonen broadcasted a transmission to all the Rutisk men on the ground fighting. "Soldiers, men, women, we fight for our survival. We must fight together, win together, let the thought of rightness guide you through the tough battles that are brought upon us. I will join you in the field and fight the war that has been brought upon us, as I previously said, let us win the war, stick together, and victory will be ours, good luck soldiers."

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oh, i know. but i AM just that good 8) O0 lol, j/k. alrighty then. i'll have my own detachment. i don't need anyone else's help. i'll have a small force of 5 soldiers. the main one, me, will be Lt. General Burt Chalk, a sniper with expert accuracy but little or no ability to fight on the move. he has a high visibility range and can sit in one spot for days and is equipped with a PSG-1 and tons of extra ammo. Second in command is Lt. Jimmy Falcon (aka - Hot Shot). Falcon specializes in short to medium range warfare and is equipped with a G36K and a Beretta M9. The Demolitions man, Bick Henderson (aka - Boomer). Somewhat short in statue, "Boomer" is only 5'9" and 160 pounds. He can set a charge anywhere at anytime, that is, given the proper cover. Recon goes to Jorge Falors. Not too heavily armor and not too well equipped, but short and fast as hell. This guy clocked the mile in just seconds over 4 minutes. Armed only with a silenced M9 with tranq rounds, combat is not this man's speciality. Lastly is Chalk's childhood friend, Rick Dom. Chalk and Dom went to RU (Rutsik University) together and joined the military after graduation against their families desires. They both became snipers and both were the some of the best at what they did.

we ARE just that good ;)

Each man on this team depended on the other for support and they were all always there to give whatever help they could give. This, was C Squad.

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*goes along with vigil's post*

C Squad was traveling over rather harsh terrain. Deep snow with many trees. on the plus side however, Chalk got to wear his spiffy new arctic camo. it also kept them invisible to enemy sharpshooters and lookouts, but that was second on his list. the point of this op was to eliminate an enemy post in a basin at the base of the mountain. there were four ways into the compound. one was by sea (which was guarded heavily) the other was over a large grassland (killing spree) and there were two others. one was through mountainous terrain and the other was through a deep forest (vigil's post). The two teams were to arrive at their designated entrances and barge in killing anything that moved at precisely 19:00. Chalk had faith in Damon, they would both be at the right time and place.

Dom looked into the sky and gazed at the falling sun. "Hey chief. We better get moving faster. Sun's settin."

Chalk looked at his friends and said, "Alright; Falors. I want you to scout out ahead exactly 1 mile ahead of us at all times. Stay out of sight. Keep in short range radio contact and make no, i repeat, no transmission outside of 4 miles, regardless of the reason. Once you get 3 miles off the walls of the complex, stick there. we'll catch up to you. i don't want you going off by yourself."

Falors replied with a simple nod and grabbed his small amount of gear from the ground.

Before Falors left, Chalk reminded everyone. "Damon should've just passed B point on the map. We gotta hustle or we might not get there in time. Gear up and lets move out."

Falors moved quickly through the trees and was out of site soon. Both Chalk and Dom hurled their rifles along their shoulder and cracked their neck. Chalk looked back at Bick and Falcon. "Let's move out." C Squad slowly advanced on the complex...

They company reached the 1 mile mark outside the base. Jorge had done well in scouting. they were not seen by anyone, save that one turret they had to take care of. That was courtesy of Boomer and a small pack of C4. He was bragging about it to Falcon for a good 2 miles. He was on the verge of shooting him when they heard a loud explosion. Chalk looked down at his watch,

"18:30. What the fuck is he thinking? We still have half an hour! Alright, double time fellas. Falors, fall back and stay down. try to make sure noone come in behind and ORDER THAT DAMN AIRSTRIKE! Alright, Boomer, get 3 of high explosive rounds out and one Demo Shell for the gate. Falcon, you take point once the gate is busted open. Boomer you cover him with this Beretta." He tossed his handgun over to the man. "Do what you can, but only what you can. you are not equipped for combat. Me and Dom here will cover your sorry asses from that hill. i'll pick off anyone i see aimin toward you guys. You can rely on Damon's unit for support on the ground. GOT IT?!"

The all replied, "Sir!" and went about their tasks. Falors fell back a mile and took out his long range comm relay. Bick, Falcon, Chalk, and Dom ran down the mountain to the gates of the complex. Gunfire was going off like the Fourth of July. Once they reached the edge of the forest, they could see the two guard towers firing down on Damon's team below. One tower was already blown to hell.

"Alright, take out that other tower with the three explosive rounds NOW! And get to work on that damn door. We'll be up there on that hill. Good Luck!" The two men ran up a large hill that overlooked the entire base.

Boomer packed three round of plastic into a large tube and pulled the trigger. Large flames exhausted from the back of the launcher and the tower was nearly incinerated in flames. Debris came falling down and the roof fell down upon a ticket booth on the left side of the large steel door. He then grabbed a longer plastic round and stuck it into the rear of the launcher. It was still warm from the previous launch. He stuck the back end on the wet grass and aimed it up five centimeters off the ground. A large circular band exploded from the launcher and stuck on the door. It slowly ate through the steel door and left a large hole about 7 feet up and 5 feet across. Inside they could see all hell was breaking loose.

p.s. - vigil, if there's anything in this you don't like just tell me, i'll edit it ;)

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Damon's team entered the enemy base and immediatly they were sprayed by enemy bullets from the tower guards. Damon barely escaped enemy fire, deciding to capture a tank that stood nearby. Getting in was easy, but he had to fight the guys inside. A few slashes of the knife and the work was done, but Damon himself was wounded in the leg by a quick thrust of an enemy dagger.

Damon was relieved. This was a T-564, just like the ones he used to operate back in the academy. This will be sufficient enough to provide cover for his teammembers.

Alex and Robert - Two other Blitz team agents also got inside Damon's tank. Alex sat inside, while Robert operated the machine guns. Damon pushed the starter and the tank started rolling. The rest of the Blitz squad got behin the tank to protect themselves from the enemy bullets.

Damon fired at the guard towers and watched them collapse, while Robert took out the approaching soldiers with the tank machine gun.

But then, several attack choppers surrounded them.

"Damn," said Damon, "Chalk, we could sure use your help right now".

Damon loaded the missile launcher which was lying in the tank and opened the hatch. He shot right at one of the choppers bringing it down, but the rest starting pouring bullet fire at the tank. The Blitz agents ran for cover and responded with shots from their assault rifles.

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Ok I'll be a pilot. 8) I guess since I'll be fighting in an aircraft there is no limit to what sort of terrain I have to fight in right? ??? I'll just be under the command of a squadron leader or something, I don't want to be leading a squad or anything like that. Just one question: What type of aircraft am I flying, and what does it feature (weapons, armor, speed, can it fly in space, etc etc?)

you can take care of the air strike ;) it's comin soon. just try to wait for the queue.

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